Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bachelorette Weekend #3 Day Two

We all successfully survived night #1 and were fresh and ready to go first thing Saturday morning! 

Those of us that are morning people headed out on a coffee run. When we got back we lounged around and ate breakfast while reminiscing about the previous nights festivities. We didn't have any set plans for the day so we had no problems waiting for our turn with the single shower. 

I went out with a friend to take a walk to the beach. Our place was very close so we got some fresh air while the other girls were taking showers. The night before we had talked about geocaching. We had been intrigued enough to download the free app, but not quite excited enough to pay $10 for the real one.   

While out and about enjoying the beautiful day in San Diego we decided to take a look and see if there was anything nearby. Sure enough there were about 4 less than 500ft away!  But before we start seriously, how beautiful is San Diego! 

Ok back to Geocaching! We followed the map to the exact location. However, at this point we still had the silly free app. After a few minutes of frustration we both broke down and bought the real app. It was obvious that we were beginners because we walked around a single bench for about 20 minutes and had to divert some attention away from a bike riding muggle. But, we found it! In a very obvious place that we should have found in about 30 seconds. But we got it, and it was exciting, we were hooked! We ended up finding two more before we went back to get ready for the day!

After we got ready and had some lunch all of us went GeoCaching and found a few more! Its so much fun! We felt like modern day treasure hunters! Your should try it! 

Since this is our fake bachelorette weekend, we need to play the part! What better way to get into character than designing bridesmaid sashes! We used some blank sashes and puffy paint and got to work! 

Bridezilla,  Happy Hour Partner in Crime (aka "the work friend), and Sorority Sister

Sister of the Bride, Summer Camp Tramps (bff's since summer came what what!), and Ms. Sis in Law

We all had so much fun making these! 
girls + craft time = pure happiness!

We needed the puffy paint to dry so we decided to get some lunch! We headed down towards the water to find a nice happy hour and relax a bit before getting read for evening.

We grabbed drinks and some sweet potato fries at Sally's. Nothing too crazy because we still had lots of goodies back a the house.

Sally's makes their drinks STRONG! Great for a regular happy hour, not so great when you want to take it easy for a big night. We do plan to return for drinks and dinner sometime!

It was such a beautiful day! I even got a bit of a sunburn, but thats nothing out of the ordinary. Too bad I didn't have my Kiss my Face sunscreen with me!

Here is the calm before the storm....

Stay tuned for the final installment! 

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