Friday, May 31, 2013

Bubble Run

Over Memorial Day weekend, I did the Bubble Run 5k! If you are unfamiliar with the Bubble Run, you might want to hurry and sign up for one near you! Because as they advertise, it is "Good Clean Run." We all know running is not fun for everyone, but it is pretty good for you, so why not make it fun! Anytime working out can be enjoyable, outside and a bit different, sign me up!

We got there a bit late so we had to stand in line, but it went quickly! Unfortunately, they ran out of t-shirts. Super sad because we didn't get ours, but they said they would mail them to us, so hopefully they show up soon!

I got my number and I was ready to go!  I think I got a lucky number  :)

Here we are right before the race started nice and clean! These things never start on time because there are thousands of people. Its all good though, it gives plenty of time for photos!

The starting line was full of bubbles! Bubbles up to your belly button and bubbles in the air! Also, if you are in the middle, chances are, bubbles will rain down all over you! There were a lot of kids at this race and I was pretty sure at least one would get lost inside the bubbles.

People and bubbles everywhere! 

The bubbles stick to everything! It is pretty awesome! The poor children in strollers were swallowed up! It was hilarious! 

As you continue to run you get nice bubble break! You run, walk, jump, and practically swim though the bubbles! They coat you pretty good and after just the first colored set, your shirt starts to get fun!

Just try to keep it our of your eyes! I did that bit of research for you... it doesn't feel too great. 

It's raining yellow bubbles!

I think Aaron is having a good time! The blue bubbles were intense!

I swear I'm in there somewhere!

And of course the finish line is more bubbles! And If that isn't enough for you, the "after party" has more bubbles! A DJ and food trucks wait for you after the finish line! A full on bubble party!

Well we did it and had a blast! Our clothes were extra special  by the end! Also, our skin was tinted 4 different colors! If the wicket witch of the west and I both reached for the same cup of coffee, you wouldn't know who's hand was who's!

We had a blast! And you are in luck! The Los Angeles Bubble run was just one of the many bubble runs happening around the country!  There are plenty of opportunities for bubbles where ever you live!

Take a look at all the other locations you can run in bubbles! Check out the website and register soon! The runs sell out quickly! If you don't see anything close to you, have no fear, go here and request a bubble run in your city! 

Here are our Before and After comparisons! I think we did alright! The color came out of our clothes very easily. It did take quite a bit of extra scrubbing to get off my skin! My poor feet were tinted green for a day! 

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  1. Glad you published this--I'm registering for it myself now and am totally stoked!