Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kaeng Raeng

I am ecstatic about this post. Bailey and I are about to try a new cleanse! It's from Kaeng Raeng and it's a 3-6 day cleanse. Each day, you consume three different flavored powders that you mix with 24 oz. of water, almond milk, or hemp milk, and you can consume as many raw fruits and vegetables as you want. Plus you can incorporate some raw nuts as well. It's made of completely natural ingredients and is vegan/gluten free/peanut free/caffeine free. Kaeng Raeng is incredibly affordable ($70 for 3 days or $120 for 6 days!) and is great for those with busy lives who do not have time to stand behind a juicer all day (I would love to meet the person who DOES have time for this). 

How It Works: Some of the benefits include jumpstarting weight loss, improved digestion, safely removing toxins from the body, clear skin, repaired hair, improved mood, and a decrease in cravings. 

The website also gives you great ideas for how to make smoothies out of your detox powders and change things up! 

We will be posting updates soon! 

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