Monday, April 8, 2013

Bachelorette Weekend #3

Before any of the girl screams of excitement commence...

This is a FAKE Bachelorette Weekend.

A few of us have realized the best way to save some money and enjoy a much needed weekend away with the girls is...Pretend one of us is getting married! Sounds silly right, well it is. It's flat out ridiculous, but it's fun.

This is the story of Bachelorette Weekend #3.

Step one: Group Facebook/Text message from one of us stating a need to get away!
Step two: Find a reasonably priced house/apartment to rent and determine our means of transportation!
Step three: Determine Bride, and roles of each bachelorette.
Step four: GO!!!

Yup, it is as simple as that!

We try to always rent a house because after many calculations, we realized it would save us more than if we stayed in a hotel. PLUS, it allows us to buy groceries and eat in for most meals. This is where we stayed in San Diego.  We ended up finding this place on VRBO. It slept 6 of us, some more comfortably than others and it only had one bathroom, but we made it work!
We sometimes like to take a train to our destinations, however this weekend happened to be a spring break weekend so prices were a bit high. So, we drove. As soon as we got in and settled we took a quick run over to Trader Joe's to get food for the weekend. With plenty left over after the trip we spent only $30/person on food and drinks in the house.

Now, the really fun part!

Stay tuned for night one's shenanigans! (BTW I spelled shenanigans right on the first try!)

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