Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Modern Dog

If you ever have the chance to explore Abbot Kinney, do it! And If you get the chance, stop in The Modern Dog. If you can't make it into the store, you can still order from their website!


This store is great and the owner is incredibly nice and very helpful! He suggested a durable ball for Harley and some wheat free snacks. Also, when you go into the store, make sure to check out the adorable photos of  his two dogs hanging above the register! Like any dog person, he is more than happy to chat with you about your dog and take a look at a picture or two! I really enjoyed being in the store and looking around.

Leashes and Toys and Beds OH MY!

The owner's dogs have some allergies, just like my "high maintenance" Harley, so he has many grain or wheat free options to choose from! 

Well, I did some shopping!

What special surprise did Harley get from the Modern Dog?? Well, before even taking it out of the bag she knew it was something she could eat! She was licking her lips and wagging her tail!

Yum! Bacon Beef Daisy Burgers from Daisy's Delights. Daisy's Delights are locally handmade in Los Angeles using natural ingredients. If you can't make it to The Modern Dog, or are not able to pick them up from your local pet shop, they will ship them to you!

Here are some of the other flavors carried at The Modern Dog, there are more available on the Daisy Delights website. 

Bacon Beef Daisy Burgers, Tiny Dots for Tiny Dogs, Happy Birthday Bones, and Chicken Big Bones

Harley loved the Bacon Beef Daisy Burgers and took nice tiny bites to savor the treat.

Of course Harley also had to get a toy! I'm always looking for durable toys that she wont destroy and  then leave pieces of all over the house. The owner had great reviews of the Gorilla Balls from other customers so I figured I'd give it a shot!

(Also, I price checked this when I got home and it was less than what I found on 3 other websites!)

Harley was very excited about the ball. She played with it the whole night and when she got tired of running around like a maniac, she chewed on in for quite a while. AND, it was still intact for play time the next day and it has become one of her favorite toys. 

Oh, they also have stuff for cats, if thats your thing. :)

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