Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kiss my Face

If there is anything you should know about me, it's that I have a lot of brains, but not a lot of pigment. Seriously, I burn almost instantly and forgetting sunscreen in sure to lead to a nasty sunburn and lots of peeling. Not cute, not cute at all.

I think I have to give a big thank you to celebs like Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone and Amanda Seyfried. When I was in high-school and college I thought I had to be tan to look good. (remember than fake orange color Paris Hilton rocked all throughout the 2000's) Now, its totally cool to rock your natural and healthy skin! Look at these beautiful ladies!

No tans required! 

Well when wearing sunscreen, if its on my face, it usually gets in my eyes and then it burns and thats not good. It's thick and sticky. It usually makes my skin feel dirty and doesn't always smell that great.

I had picked up some Kiss My Face lotion at Whole Foods not too long ago and loved it. So, when I was looking for a new sun screen I thought I would try out something from Kiss my Face. I was in luck because they had a 50 SPF body spray lotion and a 50 SPF face lotion! So, I ordered both!

I tested it out for the first time while at the Grilled Cheese Invitational and then again while out riding my horse. It worked wonderfully! I was so happy to see I didn't have the slightest tan lines! It also didn't feel sticky or gross! I might use it as an everyday face lotion during the summer! I should order some of their sun screen lip balm to try out too!

Remember- If you are one of those lucky girls (like Mahaley) with naturally darker skin, you should still use sunscreen! We all burn and the sun will damage any skin type it can get it's little rays on, some of us just turn redder than others. Whatever skin type you have check out Kiss My Face to find all their sun care products, we love them!

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