Friday, May 31, 2013

Just Fab

We are very excited announce that we will be working with Just Fab to bring you fabulous styles every month! Each month we will review our favorite Just Fab shoes, accessories and bags! 

What perfect timing! Its like Just Fab is celebrating with us!

It just so happens that they are offering a sale on their May trends! 

Use the promo code GNIMAY30 to get 30% off styles from the May trends!

The code is only through June 1st until 11:59pm Pacific time, so you better hurry up!

If you are in the US click here and if you are in Canada click this one!

Just in case you are not familiar with Just Fab, let us give you a quick run down!

It really is that easy, and that awesome! Oh and did we mention these products were designed in LA! AND, if you are a member, you get free shipping and free returns or exchanges! 

What we love about the personalized boutique is that those shoes that you will never ever wear, so why bother looking at them, don't even pop up when you are scrolling! You can shop faster and have more time to rock your shoes! 

Take a look! Check out their sale today and stay tuned for our June Trends review! 

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