Friday, May 3, 2013

Running Shoes

I have learned that paying a bit extra for the right running shoes is VERY important!
I grew up playing soccer and had to deal with shin splints and all the joy that comes years after. I have always enjoyed running, but then would quickly hate it because about  1-2 runs in my shins were a mess. I'd even go buy new sneakers, you know the ones at DSW or Marshals that are like $30-$40. Yeah, not smart. But then I thought I got smarter! I went to a sporting good store and spent more money on a pair of running shoes that were pink, and so cute! Nope, didn't work still had the shin issues. 

Well, lucky for me I was given the brilliant advice by my friend Kim of  MileLongLegs to go to Runnergy! Runnergy is a great running shop in Sherman Oaks, Ca. I went in and asked for help immediately.  After asking me a few questions they had me jump on the treadmill and took a look at my form, (or lack there of) and how my feet hit the ground.  In less than a minute, they knew what I was doing and what type of shoe I needed. 

The super helpful woman brought out about 5 different pairs of shoes for me to try on. She talked to me about how different shoes support your foot in different ways and explained what the shoes would do to support me. She also gave me some instructions on running with a more mid-foot stride instead of landing on my heel.

Well, I have been so so so excited! I tested them out big time and ran at least 4 mines on the treadmill 3 days in a row, then ran a 10k on the 4th day. Not even the smallest amount of shin pain! Its awesome!

If you enjoy running, or want to get into running take the time to go get some good shoes, and some shoes that are right for you!


The shoes I ended up with are Asics GEL-Neo33. I love love love them! But remember, they may not be right for you, so go have someone take a look at how you are running and get something that will give you less pain and make your run more fun! 

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