Friday, May 10, 2013

Kaeng Raeng Cleanse Review

We did it! We Survived the 3 day Kaeng Raeng cleanse. Feeling pretty good and very accomplished! The cleanse offers three different flavors. One of which contains bananas. Bailey, however, can NOT have bananas. So, we shared, because sharing is caring. Mahaley took all the banana packets and we split up the rest, problem solved! 

The cleanse is designed to include three juices a day and as many raw fruits and veggies you can handle. Well, now that it is over, we are realizing that the drinks actually filled us up pretty good all by themselves. (Even tho we were craving some cooked veggies like never before, we held out and remained committed!)

Bailey's Review...

My first drink I mixed with some almond milk, water and ice.  I didn't LOVE it so I decided to use some sort of juice in the other mixes. EXCEPT, I forgot to bring anything with me while I was out on the road for my lunch drink, so I mixed it with water. And I actually liked it better with just plain water!   I munched on almonds and carrots throughout the day then had an apple with my dinner drink. Day one was easy-peasy, I did however got to bed at 8:00pm, possibly from hunger, possibly due to the crazy busy day.

Day two I was much more prepared! I did a bit of shopping and had a whole bunch of fresh veggies chopped up and ready to munch on. For breakfast, I mixed it with some Mango Coconut water and then more water-water. This was very tasty and filled me up pretty good! For snacks during the day I munched on some raw almonds, an avocado and some carrots. And again, at lunch I put water in it because I forgot to bring something with me, again. Felt pretty good and slept great! I think day two was the easiest.

Day 3, I made it! Breakfast and lunch were just the mix with coconut water! Super tasty, I started to like them better without the extra flavoring. And on day three I wasn't hungry at all during the day. I did still snack on some cucumbers, almonds and carrots. My very last drink was some orange and carrot juice with some extra water. Probably more than I needed with the orange and carrot juice because I could only finish half of it.  I was pretty tempted to have some cooked veggies or dip some veggies in ranch while at trivia night, but I held out and I'm so glad I did!

Now that it is over, and I survived I have to say I think this cleanse was better than the previous one I did. The previous cleanse included juice and a meal plan and I just felt like I couldn't keep up with the eating and I ended up eating more than I usually would anyway. Plus it basically just added juices to what I would normally eat. But, this was much better. Not super easy, will power is necessary, but I feel great now that its over and I would totally recommend this cleanse!! 

Also, mini side note, my Blender Bottle was super handy! Even when I forgot to bring a juice to mix everything up, I had the blender bottle to mix it all up for me! Its genius! You can find one here!

Mahaley's Review...


Day One: 
My first drink was the "juju juice" - a mixture of bananas and blueberries. The instructions say to mix it with about 24oz of liquid. So, I used one cup of fresh squeezed tangerine juice, two cups of water, and about 10 ice cubes. It was delicious, and very filling. My snacks included raw cashews, fruits, and veggies. Round two was the strawberry drink, mixed with just three cups of water, and some ice. Still good! Day one was a success, and I felt great. I was so full from these drinks that I could not even attempt a third. Slept great, and felt great. 

Day Two:
Started off the morning with another "juju juice!" Mid day I had some raw fruits and veggies, followed by the pineapple/mango drink. I loved this one as well. I noticed I was fine to drink it with water and ice - no more juice needed. It isn't super sweet, but by day two I was used to it, and actually grew to love the taste. A few hours before bed, I had some more raw almonds. 

Super excited about my celery snack...

Day Three: 
It's the last day!! Bailey and I are so excited to eat normal food tomorrow! I must say I feel a little sad about being done. Is that weird? I've definitely noticed a difference with this cleanse, and enjoyed this much more than any other cleanse I've tried. I love that the drinks are filling, and you can mix the drinks up with juice, water, and ice. You don't just feel like you are downing juice for three days. I also love that you can eat raw nuts, fruits, and veggies.  A lot of cleanses focus on losing weight, and I feel Kaeng Raeng focuses on actually cleansing your body. 
Day three I had one of each drink. I felt great all day, had a ton of energy, and really loved the taste of each one. 

Overall, I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to cleanse! 

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