Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bottega Louie and their Macaroons

Last night, I went to Bottega Louie for the first time in downtown Los Angeles. I arrived early, so I was left with several minutes to peruse their bakery. I had heard that they make the best macaroons in town, but for some reason, macaroons have never looked appealing to me. So, when my boyfriend got a box for us to try, I decided one bite couldn't hurt. He handed me a bite of the salted caramel macaroon, and my life has forever been changed. Ok, that's dramatic. But seriously, I cannot get over how good these little things are. We tried the strawberry, salted caramel, pistachio, rose, and raspberry. Of the five, we took home another box of just strawberry, pistachio, and salted caramel. If you live anywhere near Los Angeles, and are ever near downtown, you HAVE to treat yourself to these macaroons. I hear they are the best in town, and although I have never had them anywhere else, I can already tell you they are the best macaroons.

Bottega Louie's menu is also divine. I had the diver scallops, which I highly recommend, and a few bites of my mother's truffled mashed potatoes. My boyfriend had their pizza, cooked in their brick oven, and I'm going to guess that it was as amazing as it looked, because he ate the entire pizza. It's just a guess, though. 

For dessert, our table ordered the salted caramel pudding and assorted sorbets. I was too busy devouring my box of macaroons, that I barely noticed the other dessert on the table. However, based on everyone's silence, I think they enjoyed the dessert just as much as the dinner. 

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We are easily amused

Lastly, below you will see a picture of "Kombucha Dog." The incredible genius behind this product, Michael Faye, found a way to combine his two passions, which also happen to be two of my greatest passions - healthy eating and dogs. Every bottle of his kombucha tea has a picture of a local dog in need of a home. Incredibly genius. I will be doing a more in-depth post on this, (see Fido) but in the meantime, please visit for more information.
Kombucha Dog

Oh, did I mention the Macaroons!
 Presentation is everything

The excitement was too much for me to handle

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