Tuesday, May 28, 2013


If you are like us you love new clothes, but don't love going broke.

Well we have good news! We gave a bit of a taste in last week's Memorial Day post. Now, here is the real thing!

Francesca's is a store you can find locally throughout California, all across the US, and online! They always have great pieces for reasonable prices. Some things may be a bit more pricy, but they have sales ALL THE TIME!  **used to be Franchesca's Collection, but I think they have shortened their name, you know like Brittany did.

Recently, while out and about we stopped in and couldn't help racking up the credit card a bit.  While in the store they had a buy one get one 50% of any regular priced clothing, jewelry, bags and accessories! (They have this sale a lot but when you are in the store, you just cant pass it up!)

I got these cute polka dot shorts,

This amazing cross body bag,

And this fun necklace (also got it in lavender)! 

I tried on  a few other things while at the store that I decided to put back to save money. Well, two days later I got an e-mail about the same sale on the website. So, I ordered two skirts! Here they are!

I already wore the blue and gold one out and everyone loved it! I plan to rock the striped one soon! 

Also, as I mentioned they always have great sales, so here are some of the things on our wish list!

Obsessed with this Queenstown Chambray Romper!

How perfect is Anne's Grove Gardens Blouse for work or a casual lunch out!

This Teardrop Necklace in Blue would look awesome with a plain tank or a solid strapless dress!

And just because, Check out the California State Pendant Necklace!

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