Thursday, May 23, 2013

Meet Sarah!

I would like to introduce you to Harley's new foster sister! Sarah will be living with us for a little bit while we are looking for her new family.

Sarah is a 6 or 7 year old pit bull who has a pretty amazing story and she is a pretty amazing girl. Her story is a happy story thanks to Bullies and Buddies Rescue! 

Look at this Happy girl!

Sarah is one special girl. Unfortunately, as a result of her severe malnutrition and neglect, she is diabetic and blind. But, the good news is, as soon as Bullies and Buddies Rescue got their hands on her she was immediately given the medical care she needed. Now, her eyes have cleared up and even though she can not see, they are no longer infected or uncomfortable. Also, after multiple glucose test, her diabetes is under control so she can start to gain that weight! Just in the short time she has been living with us, her energy is skyrocketing and you would't know what she had been through!

Here she is at  the vets, so happy to be feeling better!

Now, I'm not going to give you a sad sob story about Sarah, because Sarah is a happy girl! There is nothing more I hate than those Sarah McLachlan commercials because I feel like they are so negative. And yes, there are some horrible people who do some horrible things to animals and it is not fair. But, There are even more amazing people who do incredible things to save, rehabilitate and love animals. Lets focus on those people and focus on ourselves! Focus on the good feeling you get when helping someone instead of doing something because of the guilt you feel over an unfortunate situation.

Because of that, I would like you to think about this... Sarah was not treated very well for a long time, but since she has been staying with us she has been the happiest, sweetest dog that just wants to be around people and play! Someone saw her playing and said, "How can a dog that has been through what she has be so happy and loving?" Well, my response was 1. dogs are awesome and 2. Sarah is awesome. Simple as that in my opinion. She is clearly appreciating the help she has been given, and looking forward, what was behind her is over now!

Bullies and Buddies Rescue is continually taking dogs who need love and support out of horrible situations and finding the best homes and families! They work so hard to help these dogs and need a lot of support financially, but also from people to just get the word out.

Help us find Sarah a home!

If you or someone you know would be interested in adopting Sarah please contact Bullies and Buddies Rescue to fill out an application. Also, please share this with your friends, the more people who see her the faster she will find a happy family!

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