Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Healthy surprise!

We are excited to tell you about an amazing new company called Healthy Surprise. Ever heard of Birch Box or Bark Box? Well, this is a similar concept, but for healthy snacks! The basic idea is that every month you receive samples of new products, all of which are gluten free and vegan snacks. The great thing about Healthy Surprise is that unlike some of the similar companies, the items are not "sample sized" - they are regular sized portions of the items. It's a great way to try new healthy snacks, and you know you are getting great quality. Below is our first Healthy Surprise delivery. 


There was so much to choose from so we both split and shared the box. All coconut went to Bailey and anything with Bananas went to Mahaley. A few of the things that we REALLY loved, we shared, because sharing is caring. 

Bailey's Samples
These Hail Merry Macaroons were pretty good. If you like vanilla you will love these. They were supposed to be carmel and sea salt but they mostly tasted like vanilla extract. The texture is great, very coconut-y. I have seen this brand out and about and I have tried their Blonde flavor which I LOVED! I'm hoping to try a new flavor or two. Their StrawberryAlmond sounds great, too! The company also has tarts, granola, and nuts!  You can learn more about them here.

You are probably familiar with KaleKrunch, it is becoming more popular and you can find it at Whole Foods or your local health food store.  It is always delicious no matter what flavor you try and a great healthy snack for mindless eating in front of your computer. You wont have to feel guilty when you finish the whole bag!

Thunderbird Energetica! It sounds awesome and it is awesome! I loved this bar! I cant wait to try the other flavors! The Almond Cookie Pow Wow, Cashew Fig Carrots and Cocao Hemp Walnut need to be tried ASAP!

You can check out their website here! I am determined to find these locally! According to the website, most are in Texas and there are other stores that carry it all across the US. Hopefully they will get some more out to California soon! Oh, and the wrapper is compostable! How cool is that!

Alter Eco Dark Almond Chocolate is delicious! It is difficulty to be picky about chocolate, because all chocolate is good. This however was really really good! I personally love almonds. And I hate when you take a bite out of an almond chocolate bar and you only hit an almond about 50% of the time. Nope, Not with this stuff! Almonds in every bite :)

If you like Coconut, COCOMOJOE is for you! A great snack to throw into your gym or hiking bag! Its pretty sweet and filling so I saved half of it for another time! I checked out their website and I now want to try everything they have! They have so much more than bars! Lots of granola, and caramel corn in plenty of flavors! You can find them at Whole Foods and quite a few local health food stores! To get more info about Joe and Cocomojo check out the website here!

What could these tiny little seeds be! Happy Hemp! It has more protein in a serving than meat or fish! It also has  vitamins, minerals and omega 3 and omega 6. Check out the Happy Hemp Website to learn more about it and get some recipes and see all the options they have.
I didn't realize they had recipes yet because I just started eating! I sprinkled some of these on my toast for breakfast and then threw some more on my salad at lunch. After snacking on them throughout the day, the bag did not last very long! I need some more! 

Mahaley's Samples

Crunchies are delicious and perfect for a sweet tooth! Of all freeze dried fruit I've tried, this is definitely my favorite. Also, I love that they have freeze dried veggies available. It's next on my list to try!
Fun fact about freeze dried fruits and veggies? It's still considered "raw" and contains the same high amount of vitamins and minerals as raw fruits and veggies. 

I am five years old. I love anything in a kids pouch. Including this awesome banana and apple sauce fruit snack from Peter Rabbit Organics. It's completely organic, 100% fruit, and has no added sugar. I loved it so much I just bought a pack of 10. 
I have problems, I know. 

I'll be honest, I have never been wild about any "raw" granola bar I have tasted. Though any raw bar is not my favorite, I have to say Gopal's Rawma Bar is definitely one of the better ones. It has a great hint of sweetness - not too much, not too little - and it's definitely a satisfying and filling snack. Their website looks amazing too. They have tons of other products - so if a raw bar isn't your thing, no need to worry. I need to try their cookies. 
Yes, "need"...for the purposes of the blog. duh. 

I was really impressed with this Gorge Delight's Just Fruit Bar. This fruit bar is not only delicious in taste, but its thicker than most fruit bars. It has 4g of fiber, 150 calories, and 300mg of potassium. It makes a great dessert or bar on the go! 

We saved the best for last! Our favorite in this box was... Plentils!!!!

OK Get ready for the new and improved healthy chip! So long Popchips, Plentils is taking over! These were probably our favorite in the box this time! They are crunchy and FULL of flavor! They remind me of a Bugle flavor, but better! We are determined to find more of them and try the other flavors! Their other flavors include; Margarita Pizza, garlic & Parmesan, Dill & Sour Cream, and the Light Sea Salt! Go here to get some more information on how you can get some!

Check out Healthy Surprise and get your own right to your doorstep! 

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