Tuesday, May 21, 2013


While out and about I popped into the Toms store on Abbot Kinney. I have a mini obsession with Toms, mostly because they are the most comfortable shoes ever! I tend to wear out a paid of the wedges every summer or two because they are the most comfortable heel you could put on your feet!

I almost bought a new wedge (they have strappy ones now too) but the helpful guy at the store let me know the new line would be out very soon. (VERY SOON!)

But, because I am in need of some summery flats that will be comfy but cute, I figured I'd pick up something while I was at the store! Saves on shipping, right?

I got these super cute Ikat flats. 

I'm so ready for summer! 

Not only am I excited about my new shoes, but I am thrilled to have found the absolutely adorable Toms shop/cafe! 

What seems to be a simple shoe store that donates "one for one" is more than meets the eye.

Its actually a fun hip hang out! You can grab a snack or coffee from the barista in front, then grab a magazine and read on the patio! Is it a chilly day down by the beach, no worries, they have heaters!

Want to bring your dog? No problem with that either, the outdoor patio is grassy and full of places to sit and relax! This is the place men would actually like tagging along for a shopping day.  They could just sit and relax, have a drink while the ladies shop till they drop.

P.S. Helpful sales guy wasn't kidding! The the new line is here and looks great, I'm glad I waited! Only problem is, I can't decide which pair I want!

The Oahu,

or the Zebra Zags

or maybe these Village Stripes

I can't make a decision right now! You might have better luck! Check out the Summer Collection here!

And remember, if you feel guilty about spending money on shoes, you technically bought one for an underprivileged child. Doing good and shopping at the same time, nothing to feel bad about there!

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