Monday, May 27, 2013

Wine and Canvas

Our "bachelorette" group was in major need of a girls night out. So, we headed to Wine and Canvas to get our paint on. The concept of Wine and Canvas is awesome - paint while you drink! Every weekend, there are different paintings you can choose from, and the paintings are broken down by a teacher during the class. So, it is possible for everyone to come out with something decent - no matter what your skill level! 

Everyone starts out with a blank canvas and there is a "teacher" who walks you through step by step to re-create the piece. 

At first, it looks weird and it feels like your painting will look nothing like the original. It seems to start so simple, we started with a moon and most of our circles looked like purple lemons. 

Bailey turned her 'moon' into a smiley face.

Look at everyone hard at work! We were in the back being loud and having a bit more fun. Hey, they served us wine, so we assumed that meant loosen up!

Our final product! 

Where'd that smiley face go??

My tree is a little fat, but not terrible right?

We are practically professional Artists by now! Wanna buy a painting of  a tree in front of the moon? We have about 6 ;)

Wine and painting has become pretty popular, so even if you are not in LA, there is probably one near you! It was so much fun, and a great idea for date night or girls night. 

Check out Wine and Canvas and pick your painting! 

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