Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pride Bites

My dog is notorious for destroying indestructible toys.

Any time I'm in our local pet supply store I grab what looks to be durable.

While at Tailwaggers, I found this! Tailwaggers is one of my favorite pet store to visit to pick up toys, treats and food. Everyone that works there is so friendly and helpful. Lil Miss. Harley Quinn has had her share of drama requiring me to ask about skin conditions, grain-free products, ACL tears, an eye infection and lil puppy tummy aches. Needless to say, everything they have suggested has been a huge help so I go back as much as possible. It's also very close to work and I kinda like just looking around at the cute stuff. (Yup, I treat my dog like my child.)

So this is whatI found...

It's cute, it squeaks, and it floats! We are about to see how durable that "Durante fleece" really is!

I also picked this one up because they donate a percentage of their proceeds towards organizations that work to prevent animal cruelty. Any company that goes above and beyond and gives back deserves a try in my eyes! You can see more of what PrideBites has to offer on their website here.

Harley loved her new lil monkey! She played with it all night and so far it has survived! Usually if something can make it past the 45 minute mark we are good to go! We might need to get some more of these! 

Also, when I was checking out their website, I got really excited because I thought I would get to design a toy. But turns out you have to be between 6 and 12 years of age. So sad :( But if you know a 6-12 year old who would like to make a toy for their doggy best friend check this out!

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