Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bachelorette Weekend #3 Night Two

Night two here we go! With our sashes ready we started the night with a lil Mexican fiesta at Fred's Mexican Cafe.

We had all been eating all. day. long. so we weren't super hungry, However, Mahaley still ordered about a pound of beans!

After dinner we headed over to Double Douce where we already had our Bachelorette party on the VIP list. Not only were we on the VIP list, but we were also ready for the Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt! 
There were at least 5 other bachelorette parties going on while we were there. So that meant, as soon as we got in there we were determined to be the first party to finish and get those free drinks! 

I right away went to get the bull riding taken care of! You would think with all the horseback riding I do I'd do great, but when it just spins in a circle or bounces you either flash the crowd or throw up. I preferred to skip both and let go. Totally got 8 seconds tho! 

It was so much fun! Well, except for their attempt to make my top fall off, I got yelled at twice for holding on to my chest! Put that one on your bucket list, folks!

Post bull ride, the other two were off being the best bridesmaids ever and helping us with the scavenger hunt!
We needed to sing and dance so we requested Garth Brooks Friends in Low Places and got up on stage!

Oh dear, here's that BJ shot... Mahaley's face is the best!

By the end of the night we still managed to hold it together and look presentable! Not too easy to do with as many free drinks that were thrown our way. Oh, by the way, not only did we win the scavenger hunt, we made $40 cash that night. We turned down so many rounds of drinks that guys insisted that we take money just in case we went somewhere else that night and needed to buy something. Guys do  NOT take no for an answer!

So far out of our 3 Bachelorette parties, San Diego was the best! If you can have yours there... you totally should!

Let us know in the comments below where you think we should go for our next bachelorette party investigation!

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  1. Super amazing bachelorette weekend! I had so much fun moments while having a glance at these pictures. My best friend is getting married and soon there will be her bachelorette bash at some domestic party venues in Chicago.