Friday, January 24, 2014

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Roasted Vegetable Tart

Today we are making a Roasted Vegetable Tart!

This recipe is so easy and can also modified to include all of your favorite vegetables. This vegetable tart is great for a breakfast, brunch, or lunch! The Bob's Red Mill gluten-free crust is amazing and as much as we love the veggies, the crust is the Best part!

Here is all you need to make it!


3-4 cups veggies*
3 stalks Kale
1 clove garlic
6 eggs
11/2 cups almond milk
1/2 cup vegan cheddar cheese
salt and papper
Fresh Rosemarry
Fresh Thyme
Fresh Sage
dried basil, rosemarry and thyme

* we used  potatoes, zucchini, onions but you pick whatever you like. It is fun to mix it up with whatever is in season.

Bob's Red Mill Pie Crust
1 bag of BRM pie crust mix
12 tbs butter
8 tbs shortening
6tbs ice cold water

*you may also want to have some gluten-free flour handy to help roll out the crust. I used white rice flour to keep it from sticking.

Like I said, it is super easy to make, this is all you have to do!

1. Chop up veggies
2. Mix with some olive oil, salt and pepper, and fresh herbs.
3. Roast Veggies for 15-20 minutes
4. While veggies are roasting mix up your Bob's Red Mill to get your pie crust ready
5. Combine eggs, milk, cheese and dried seasonings in a separate bowl
6. When veggies are ready pour them in to pie crust
7. Chop of Kale and mix in with veggies
8. Pour the egg mixture right on top of veggies and kale
9. Cook at 375 for 40-60 minutes. You will know it is ready when the eggs don't jiggle

Check out the video here!

Let us know what you think! Would you like to make something like this for a breakfast, or fun brunch with friends? Also, since the crust recipe was split in half we are chomping at the bit to make something else! What is your favorite type of pie!?!? Let us know and we will make it gluten-free!

Don't forget about all the changes this week as AGBF becomes GFBF! 
Our new twitter is @gfbestfriends
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cous Cous Quinoa

One of my mom's favorite recipes growing up was my mom's Cous Cous. I've actually never had any other version of Cous Cous, because I could never stand the thought of something tasting different from hers. Yes, it's that good. 

Every year that I come home for the holidays, my mom always stocks the fridge with my favorite goodies. Since this past year being gluten-free and dairy free, some of those favorites have had to remain in the recipe box. Thankfully, we have a new take on her traditional Cous Cous that is gluten-free, dairy free, and every bit as delicious.

Don't forget about all the changes this week as AGBF becomes GFBF! 
Our new twitter is @gfbestfriends
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Made Sunglasses

Hopefully you took advantage our 12 Days of A Girl's Best Friend's Gift Guide and snagged a pair of Made Sunglasses. If not, here is a look at what you missed, but you still totally have time to get!

I ordered the Skylar in White Tortoise! I'm kinda obsessed with them and I have had compliments almost every time I have worn them.

You can choose pretty much any style, but I really love the Skylar. Not only are they super cute but they are also just great sunglasses. 

You can get any color, but why not get the white Tortoise while it is available! Its so fun! It i a limited edition color, so don't wait too long.

You also have the option to get sunglasses or regular glasses and you can also get you prescription added to your glasses for $5 or $30 for prescription sunglasses.

Made has a really great home try-on program right now! You can pick three custom frames that will be sent to you to try on. You can even get those three custom frames with your prescription in them. Or, if you want something special added to the custom frames liken your name engraved, your website or some witty joke you can do that too! Whats great is if you don't like them, you can send them back without paying a penny!

Made is great and super easy! Great customer service and awesome product! Go ahead order one pair you know you just have to have, or go for the three pair try on program and take your time to pick out what you need.  You will look so great eating at that new gluten-free cafe rocking these babies!

More info about the Home Try On Program here or custom order the perfect pair here!

Don't forget about all the changes this week as AGBF becomes GFBF! 
Our new twitter is @gfbestfriends
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Instagram is @gfbestfriends

Monday, January 20, 2014

Exciting and new!

Hey everyone! We are super excited to launch our new website. Over the next week we will begin the transition to...

We have worked really hard trying to be as tech savvy as possible, but there may be a few hiccups along the way. We really appreciate your patience and we hope you will continue to follow up there! 

This is just the beginning of the fun and exciting things we have in store for 2014!

You can check out the website now if you would like, but it may be a bit dusty. You know, from all the construction and stuff!

You may also notice that a few things have already changed.

Our new twitter is @gfbestfriends
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Instagram is @gfbestfriends

Thanks for be understanding during the transition, don't worry it will totally be worth it! 

Friday, January 17, 2014

OMG Blends Winner

Congrats to Leeza the winner of the 3 day OMG Cleanse!

E-mail us so we can get you cleansing right away!

Thanks to everyone who entered to win! If you still want to try the OMG Cleanse for yourself now is the time to take advantage of 25% off! Just use the code ORGANIC

Thanks again to OMG Blends and to all of our readers!

Cosmos Creations Giveaway

We keep talking about the GFAF Expo, but seriously there was so much we could probably talk about it from most of 2014. One more thing we were introduced to was Cosmos Creations. A tiny bag of their delicious cinnamon crunch was put into our bags and somehow got buried under all the samples and treats.

Well, when we finally got to the bottom of the bag and tried some we were instant fans and contacted them right away. We just had to try the rest of their "Creations"!

They were kind enough to send us some samples to try and it is official, we loved them all! I do think the butter flavor is our favorite. Believe it or not but it is dairy free too!

We had some big bags so we were able to share them with quite a few people. We got the same response from each person. What is this and where can I get it. (and of course there was quite a bit of the "How can his be gluten free? It tastes so good" garbage people are always saying).

We wish we could share it with all of our readers. Well, lucky for you guys, they not only sent us delicious sample, but they sent us some for you as well! We will be giving away a bag of each flavor so you can try for yourselves! You will get some sea salt and butter, salted caramel, caramel and cinnamon crunch!

You probably know the drill by now. All you have to do to win is leave a comment! Make sure you are subscribed, and like us on Facebook and twitter! We will be picking a winner on February 7th!

Cosmos makes us think of stars which makes us think of constellations,which leads to horoscopes. So comment and tell us your sign!

Their website also gives you a quick history on Caramel too. Its fun and interesting but doesn't solve the argument Bailey and Mahaley have been having regarding how to pronounce Caramel. Bonus points if comment letting us know how you pronounce Caramel! Lets settle this debate here and now!

kar-A-mel or Car-Mel

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