Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rough & Rugged

As you may remember from the Meet Sarah post, the sweet girl has quite the history. After being near death she has been recovering in an amazing way! One thing I have noticed is her playful personality! She loves bones, balls and any chew toy she can find! (Even though she is blind she seems to know what is a doggy chew toy and what is a shoe or a nice pair of underwear! THANK GOD!) 

Well, I discovered pretty quickly that she LOVES fetch. Yep, a blind dog that wants to play fetch. She wasn't to good at it, but as soon as she managed to find that ball she jumped on it and brought it back right away tail wagging asking for more. I felt bad making her struggle so I was  on a mission to find a ball that made some noise. Not a squeaky noise but a jingle noise so as it rolled away she could find it.

I was at C & C Pet Food & Supplies in Burbank picking up food and... I found one! The Rough and Rugged Balls from Four Paws have a lil jingle bell inside! Plus they are "Virtually Indestructible" so hopefully they last a while!

 I was so excited, and I knew the dogs would be so I bought two. Harley has been such a great foster sister, but when toys come out she gets quite the pouty face when Sarah has one of her toys. So, two would solve that problem! 

Well they loved them! 

Harley was ready to play!

So was Sarah!

They have become a favorite and I actually have to hide them when play time is over because Sarah will carry it everywhere! They are pretty durable too! As long as I don't let them just chew on them they stay together well!

Here is Sarah posing with her new favorite toy! She was so happy to have a new toy to play fetch with and even more excited to be able to hear it! She was much quicker and I was able to throw the ball a bit farther so she could have a bit more exercise!

Harley loved her ball too! She isn't as good at fetch. She's go the go get it part down but she likes to just hold on to it for a while before bringing it back!

My favorite thing about these balls... has to be that this happens after they play with them!

Don't forget! Sweet Sarah is still looking for a forever home! Please share with anyone you think may be interested! You can find more information about her from Bullies and Buddies Rescue or check out the Bullies and Buddies facebook page!

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