Friday, July 12, 2013

WIn a Free Pair of Shoes!

We are giving away a free pair of shoes! Take a look at some of the shoes we would pick if we could win our own giveaway!

If we could walk in heels we would get the Skylar
For a girls night out we would pick Rosario
When we need quick and easy work sandals we would pick the Merida
Since you can never have too many, we would ways pick Austin
We each really really need a pair of these ankle boots so we would pick  Shania
Well, we already picked these! and Love them and think you should pick the Cami

This is a pretty easy one, go check out the JustFab website or pick from our choices and let us know what shoes you want to win! In the comments leave your shoe size and preferred style or shoe!

After that, just make sure you have to make sure you already...

Good Luck!

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  1. I love them all but my absolute faves are The Nicola and the Cami :) My shoe size is 8 .

  2. I love the cowgirl boots in brown! A farm girl can never pass a pair up:) You girls are doing such a great job with the website and video, congrats:) Must be fun, keep it up! xoxo
    Manda (Whipple)
    P.S. I am a size 8

    1. Thanks Manda! No girl should ever pass up a pair of cowgirl boots! Good Luck!

  3. hey there I adore merida,and I like shania too!!!you are awesome...well my shoes size is 7 and a half :)