Friday, July 26, 2013

26.2 miles might be too much...

Ok, its Bailey's Bucket list time...

Well if you had a chance to take a look at my posts about Big Sur, you may have figured out that I kinda loved it and its pretty darn beautiful! Well our camping buddies also happen to be runners. They both competed in the Big Sur marathon last year and suggested Aaron and I give it a try.

Well we had talked about it and with a year to train, we could totally do it! So that was it, we were determined and ready! The day it opened for registration, there I was sitting at my computer ready to sign up!

26.2 miles was gonna be my bitch!

But... what was that "FULL"... that must mean the full marathon not the half, right? Why couldn't I click on it? Oh, full as in nobody else can register, not full as in a complete marathon distance.

Can you believe that. A 26.2 mile race for like 4000 people sold out in under an hour? I thought I was crazy for signing up for a marathon, there must be a lot of crazy people out there. (Or, maybe its not crazy at all!)

I vote totally sane, cuz look how cool these metals are!

Well, I was bummed and was going to look for another one when it was suggested that I run the 21miler. Same course, just 5.2 miles shorter! I can totally do that, it is still a first and way longer than I have ever run at one time and I can still get excited for my first marathon after this one is over! 

Time to pick our some tunes to run to, get a training schedule ready and make it happen! 

Now, I also get to plan another first. I need to pick out my first half marathon! Hmmm I am considering the Santa Barbara half in November, but I haven't committed to anything yet. Any suggestions? 

How many of you have run a half or full marathon? I'll take any and all suggestions, tips or tricks you have!

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