Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Just in case you are not lucky enough to know first hand, Mahaley is probably the sweetest girl you will ever meet. So sweet in fact that she shares sweets! She stopped by Duverger to pick up some macarons for me to try! My favorite favorite favorite dessert! 

I was so excited to hear that there was a local shop selling fantastic macarons! We both love going downtown to Bottega Louie, but it is not always easy to get there. But look what is available right around the corner!

How fabulous do these look! Best part about macarons, they are made with almond flour! No gluten to worry about and I can eat as many as my heart desires! However, I am a horrible person and I take bites out of each and put them back in the box so I can keep tasting all of the fabulous flavors! I also hide them. 

I did manage to share a few of them! 

So yummy! I think Aaron wanted some more, check out his face in the background!

Take a look at all the available flavors! 

I will be visiting Duverger very soon! My favorite flavors from Duverger so far are Blueberry Lavender, Vanilla, and Pistachio! 

Another thing I LOVE about macaroons... they are made with almond flour which means... they are always gluten free! How perfect is that! 

If you know of any other secret macaron gems, be sure to share in the comments below! 

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