Monday, July 15, 2013

Big Sur Adventures Part 2

And the adventure continues...If you missed the beginning of the adventure you can find it here!

Big Sur Day 2

I don't know the last time I slept so great in a tent! We used a new tent I got Aaron from REI for Christmas and just didn't have a chance to use until now. It was pretty great! If anyone is looking for a tent, I recommend this one!

After we got up and brushed our teeth it was time to get our breakfast ready! 

The menu for breakfast included:
scrambled eggs and cheese with avocado with fresh pineapple on the side. Oh, and coffee,  of course we had some coffee!

 We made the eggs and the coffee on our friend's awesome Coleman Stove! It is pretty awesome and now we are in the market for a camping stove. 

mmmm camp eggs!

mmmm camp coffee!

After breakfast we hung out for a bit then decided to get ready  and go get the rest of our supplies from the car. We had been so tired the day before that we only brought what we absolutely needed. We also knew that with as hot as it was, we would need to make a run to get some more ice pretty early in the morning. 

We took a quick drive over to the general store to grab some ice. How cute is this lil snack shop bus they had next to the main store! 

Our goal was to pick up some more ice, which we did, but we also picked up some water shoes, coconut water and some ice cream! By the time we got back to the camp site, the ice cream was gone and the ice was starting to melt at a very rate! Fortunately, the ice cream was gone because we ate it, and we had enough ice left for exactly what we needed!

Since our ice cream was gone, our hands were empty. So, we decided to carry the rest of the wood back to the site as well! Look at us being so helpful!

 It was pretty flipping hot by about 11:00 so we chilled in the shade and played cards. Probably the only game you  truly need to bring while camping. So many possibilities!

I totally won!

After our riveting game of cards, we packed up some beers and some food, grabbed our chairs and made our way back to the river!

We had already enjoyed one spot in the river the day before, so we were determined to find a bigger and better spot!

There are horse trail rides offered in the area so the trails heading towards the river are pretty nice. We had no trouble making our way.

It is so beautiful and green everywhere you look!

The craziest thing about hiking down towards the river was the temperature change. Once we got a bit closer to the water the heatwave wasn't even recognizable and it felt perfect! Pretty sure it was at least a 15 degree difference in there.

 Once we found the perfect spot, we found a dry place to toss our bags and made our river beer cooler!

Also, hiking through the river was much easier than the day before thanks to the awesome water shoes we got at the general store! Not bad for $7! Can't wait till we get some legit water shoes! If the $7 versions were this great I can't wait to try out the real thing! Any suggestions?

So we sat, in the river, for a few hours and just enjoyed the peace and quiet and sipped on our drinks!

Some of us got really excited about the drinks!

I hear what you are saying, sitting in a chair in a river for more than a few hours would get boring, right. Nope, it doesn't! Best part is, you just sit there and enjoy being outside. If you do want something to do, just get creative, we spent a good hour or so building rock towers and then tossing rocks at the rock towers to see who could knock them down first. 

Sounds silly, but its pretty awesome! 

Remember as a kid all the fun you had coming up with weird games that didn't make any sense to anyone else but having a blast and playing them for hours. 

That was kinda how this was! No video games needed! Just getting creative and having a blast! Wanna guess the only thing that made this game difficult? We played for so long we moved all the pebbles around our chairs that hour chairs sank deeper into the river bed and we were eventually sitting in the river. But it was still awesome and only meant we had to trek through the river to find a good spot to set up camp again and make our lunch!

We walked for a bit and found the perfect spot!

A nice dry flat area to set up our chairs and get our lunch ready!

For convenience we brought our Jet Boil to make some Mountain House meals.


If you have never had mountain house, you should just go ahead and try it! It is crazy how delicious dried food can be! I unfortunately couldn't have any this time.  As far as I know they do not make any gluten free options, but they should! If you know of any companies that do PLEASE let me know! 

I didn't go hungry tho! We had plenty of food and I had my Quinoa salad to enjoy! It was the perfect lunch! We could not have asked for better seats, no restaurant could compete with these!

After we finished eating, we packed up our stuff and made are way further down the river to find another spot to chill and have a drink or two! It was still too hot to go back to our campsite so we didn't! We were camping, we didn't have to! We could do whatever we wanted.

We marched on looking for another perfect spot! 

We kept walking for a while, because believe it or not, its really nice just walking through a river, even a lil bit romantic!

We found this spot!  Nice and cool with a good breeze and a beautiful view!

We set up our chairs and relaxed some more!

This location included a fun game of hit the rock off the tree branch while enjoying what was left of our drinks! After a while, we figured we should make our way back to the camp site so we trekked the whole way back through the river! 

 When we did get back to the camp site, we still weren't super hungry so we decided to head to the beach to watch the sunset before cooking! We climbed up and up and it got chilly! The wind was whipping around pretty good! But the views were pretty amazing.

I was actually pretty thankful for this rope on the way up and down! The wind almost knocked me over! haha

By the time we made it to the top, the sun was just about ready to set! So we snapped some photos as quickly as possible and enjoyed the views!

 Pictures never really do come out as good as you hope they will, but trust me when I say it was beautiful!

We even met a nice guy who really truly thought that a bunch of big rocks out in the ocean were  a whale! We didn't have the heart to ruin his day so we just agreed and oohhhed and aaahhed with him!

Yay Adventure Team!

We were pretty chilly with the wind whipping around so we stayed a bit longer and enjoyed the view then headed back to camp to get ready for dinner!

The dinner menu included...

veggie dogs,

 Some real sausages for the meat eater in the crew, some asparagus and some broccolini cooked over the fire!

Everything was pretty delicious!

Of course we had some giant marshmallows for dessert! 

We finished off the night with even more star gazing and saw two shooting stars!  Check out the photo I took with my I-phone! Haha doesn't really work too well! But I really did want to share it with you! This just means you will have to make your way to Big Sur to see it for your self!

Stay tuned for the Day 3 adventures! It gets pretty crazy, it involves a bobcat, a zebra and elephant seals!! 

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I never would have thought to actually put my chair IN the river, will have to try that. lol.

    I know Keen sandals are meant for water too, but haven't tried them myself, only my kiddo's.

    1. Thanks Laura! I will look into some Keen Sandals! And yes, in the water is pretty great! Thanks for reading!