Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The WET Brush!

Ok, get excited! 

If you have long hair like us, getting a brush though your hair after a shower or swimming can be quite the challenge. Also, lets be honest, after wearing a scarf, jacket or statement necklace, the back part of your hair turns into one big rats nest!

I always love going to get my hair done, because I don't have to do anything, it is relaxing and I usually find out about some super cool stuff!

I go to Alonsay in Studio City, Ca and they always have new products that I soon realize I can not live without! Well, not to get all dramatic about my hair, but life changed when I was introduced to this product!

My amazing hair dresser, the amazing Stacy at Alonsay started using the Wet Brush with my hair and I had to get my own! I honestly have no idea how it works, but it should be called the magic brush! According to the Wet Brush website it works because of the IntelliFlex bristles.  You can read more about it here.

Stacy always says I have insta-knot hair, and will only use this brush on my hair to prevent ripping and tearing. This is something I am pretty thankful for! 

Check out my nasty wet, clumped hair after I got out of the shower and let it sit for a while to make things real tricky!

It seriously just goes all the way down without any problem! It doesn't snag at all!

Lets look at that again! First, my hair is all messy and knotted!

Then it just goes right though easy-peesy! So easy in fact, while having my boyfriend take pictures (poor guy, the things I make him do), he told me to not brush so fast because the pictures are blurry.

I can  not recommend this enough! It is so great for when your hair is wet or dry! Also, what a perfect addition to a beach bag! After a swim I know my hair is always a complete disaster! This should make things much easier!

I had no idea there were so many options! Check out their website here to see all the other wet brush products! I think I need all of them!

And, if you are in need of a great place to pick up this fabulous product or just get a new fresh cut, color or style be sure to check out Alonsay! 

If only my mom had one of these brushes when I was a kid! I would have the thickest hair ever right now if she had not ripped half of it out while trying to brush it when I was a wild and crazy TomBoy! 

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