Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sassi Collection

Recently, a friend of mine, Samantha Cope, started her own online clothing store, Sassi Collection. After years of being an actor and a model, she discovered a love for fashion, and is turning that passion into an incredible business.

Sassi is a great website for cute and affordable fashion finds, that are always handpicked by Samantha.  Sassi features an array of clothing, from dresses and summer tops, to lace and leather. Here are some (meaning a ton) of my favorite picks. 

Almost every item on here is perfect for summer, and there isn't anything that is not affordable.  Sassi makes shopping incredibly easy, by bringing the latest styles and designers all into one place. It's really the best of both worlds. 

The other piece of good news? There's always free shipping, on every order. Now that is something I wish every online store offered. 

These shorts will be mine. 

So will this. 

And this. 

You can find her website here and twitter here

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