Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I recently fell in love with Lemonade when I stumbled upon it in Larchmont while I was walking around on my lunch break. While out and about Abbot Kinney I stopped in again! I decided I must share about the deliciousness!

Lemonade is described as Seasonal Southern California Comfort Food! And that it is! Plenty of healthy options as well as some heartier options for those who need a bigger meal or maybe its just a Mac & Cheese kind of day.

There is something for everyone! And if you are avoiding something specific, they have this hand guide that labels every dish so you know what to you can or can not have. 

It has a nice cafeteria layout, I tend to be that annoying person who looks at every option before making my final selection. If you are ever behind me in line, I would like to apologize in advance!

Did  I mention the desserts! They are fantastic! Talk about holding up the line! You have to get something, even if you  take it home to snack on later! 

Can you believe the size of this Macaroon???? So delicious! I was able to slowly savor this thing till it was 5:00pm and time to head home! 

 Even my lil sister loved it! (Major accomplishment!)

Oh and make sure you get some Lemonade! It is what they are named after. My favorite is the cucumber mint lemonade!  But if that isn't your thing they always have about 4 other flavors to choose from!

Find a Lemonade near you!

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