Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pressed Juicery Cleanse

Aaron and I decided to go for it and try a Pressed Juicery 3 day cleanse.  I was so excited because I had heard great things about it! Since this was our very first pure juice cleanse we decided to go with the Nourish cleanse. It is the most gentle cleanse and it was designed for people trying to improve their diet and get on track! Pressed Juicery recommends it for beginners because it is gentle and easy to stick to!

If you are new to cleansing and have no idea why on earth I would want to not have anything to chew for 3 whole days, take a look and find out some of the reasons why here!

I woke up to 4 boxes full of juice on my front porch! I was so excited I could not wait to get them out and start juice #1!

I started unloading and boy of boy was there a lot of juice! Thank god we had cleared out our fridge before starting the cleanse! Not only did it get rid of temptation, but it also made room for all the tasty juices! 

So here is how it works!

You get 6 juices a day, each labeled with a number on the cap so you can't mess it up! You also get a Chlorophyl water to drink throughout the day and an aloe vera water to drink before bed. Believe it or now, but sometimes the aloe vera water is hard to drink because you are already so full from the juice all day! 

One of my favorite drinks was the Roots 3! But even if you don't like one of the ingredients, you can choose which Roots drink you want when you create your cleanse! 

 I never thought I would feel full and satisfied drinking juice for a meal! But trust me, you feel full and sometimes when you have just finished a juice you realize, you have another one waiting for you!

 One of  the best things about this cleanse is how easy and convenient it is! While waiting to get my hair done I also got to enjoy a juice!  So easy! No need to run to the store or run home to prepare anything, I just grabbed the juice out of my lil cooler and off I went! 

I loved all the juices and the waters, but I would have to say for this cleanse Greens 3 and Citrus 2 were my favorite! During and after the cleanse I felt amazing! It felt like I was thinking clearer, sleeping better and just felt refreshed and light! It was so easy too, it too zero thinking and effort to open up the bottles and enjoy! I highly recommend giving this cleanse a try! I cant wait to do another one! I just wish they had more sales!

 Aaron and I had slightly different interpretations of the cleanse. I loved it and would do it over and over again. Aaron will probably never do it again and wanted to something to chew on. Overall, its an amazing cleanse, but hey, its not for everyone. I however loved it so much that I am trying to figure out a time to do another cleanse! Check out their full list of juices here! They have three different types of cleanses. We did the Nourish cleanse, but I really want to try the Detox cleanse!

Also, Pressed now has coffee drinks!!!! Since the cleanse I have been finding every excite to sneak into one of their stores and pick something up and try something new. When I heard they had coffee drinks now I had to try them! It was everything I had hoped it would be and more! You have to try the Vanilla Coffee, it is delicious! 

If you are interested in trying the cleanse, now is the perfect time! Check out their fabulous sale! 

Even if you just want to try it for a day, this is the perfect opportunity! Also, if you have been waiting to try a 3 day (or longer) this is your chance to save some money! As soon as I heard about the deal I headed to my local pressed juicery! 

Think about it, I bet you spend at least $15 on lunch and maybe an extra $5 on coffee on most days, plus this is so easy and doesn't require any thought!

Give it a try and let us know what you think! Share your favorite juice in the comments below!

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