Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Healthy Surprise Box #3

We never get tired of these Healthy Surprise boxes! As soon as the box comes we split it up as fairly as possible, usually grabbing at our favorites first! (Mahaley now gets all squeezable snacks!) Take a look at our most recent score! Also, we are now brand ambassadors for Healthy Surprise so we have a special link for you to sign up and get your own! Trust us you will love it! 

Bailey's Picks
We got a bag of Lydia's Organics Beet Chips. These were amazing! I pretty much ate the whole bag  and shared a few with Mahaley. Mahaley who does not like beets also loved these! But hey, she could have always had the carrot chips or pizza chip! Yup, thats right vegan and gluten free Pizza chips! We need some of those for sure!

Look at that chip! These chips are a serious snack!  After absolutely loving the Lydia's chips, we took a look at some of the other amazing treats she has to offer. If chips are not your thing, no worries there is plenty of other options that look amazing! Lydia's Organics  is an internationally distributed product line comprised of all organic, vegan, raw, dehydrated, gluten-free bars, crackers, cereals, kale chips and so more. We are hoping to try some more of Lydia's delicious treats!
These  lemon ginger bars and these Kale chips sound great!

Might need to pick up some of these crackers too!
Apparently, there is also a Lydia's restaurant!!! The menu looks amazing so the next time we are in San Francisco we will be making a special trip! If you live in the area go check it out and let us know what you think!

Next we have some tasty Just Tomatoes! I loved these and put them on salads and also brought them to work to snack on during that awful hour before heading home for dinner. 

Mahaley however, does not like tomatoes, but I made her try them anyway! 

I think she would be much more excited about  the snack packs  or maybe some of the fruit powders to add to smoothies or sauces! Let us know if you have a favorite! 

One of our favorites of this box was Beanitos!  These are delicious and good for you! Beanitos are  made from nutritious beans that are full of fiber and protein. They’re natural, free of preservatives, made with only natural non-GMO ingredients and delicious!

They have plenty of other flavors to choose from
I am most excited to try the Simply Pinto Bean chips!

Pick some up and let us know what you think!

We know quite a few people on the so very popular "Paleo Diet" and these  Caveman Nuts made me think of them. The Caveman products use natural and gluten free ingredients with minimal processing all while staying incredibly tasty! 

I took them to work to snack on throughout the day and had to share them with a few people because they were so tasty!

They have quite a few products to choose from too! Plenty of bars, nuts and even some beef jerky if you are cravin' a slim-jim but are looking for  a healthier alternative. (Those are the same, right? Anyway if you like beef jerky or chicken jerky give it a try!)

We got a package of Hail Merry's macaroons in our first Healthy Surprise box that I did not love, just because it was very very overpowering with the vanilla flavor. This time we got the strawberry macaroons! 
I loved them! They were delicious! I kept them in the fridge so they would be nice and cold whenever I was having a little bit of a sweet craving. 
Before I knew it.... This happened!
Go pick up some of the macaroons and let us know what you think! I am making plans to find the Miracle Tarts

I also tried the Gorge Delight Just Fruit BarJustFruit bars are simple, healthy snacks, made from 100% fruit, and contain no additives, preservatives or added sugars. They are wheat, dairy, nut and gluten free!I got to try the strawberry one! It was very filling and tasted a lot like the fruit roll ups I remember as a child, only healthier. They have quite a few flavors to choose from so pick one out and give it a try!

Mahaley's Picks

This is a great healthy alternative to any kindof nut or trail mix you find in regular stores. For only 168 calories in the bag, you get a generous serving of cherries, cranberries, and almonds. I happen to love dried cranberries and cherries, so of course I was all about this snack! 

This bar took my by surprise. I am normally not the biggest fan of things with dates or acai, but I cannot rave about this bar enough. It is absolutely delicious, incredibly good for you, and just the perfect amount of sweet. The cacao really stands out, and pairs so well with the acai, cashews, berries, and dates. So yummy! 

Deliciously full of berries. I want all the flavors! The perfect combination of sweet and tart. 

And now, for the slight bummer. I love veggie chips, and The Daily Crave's are delicious. However, I was disappointed when there seemed to be an oddly small amount of chips in my bag, especially for 130 calories. I looked at the nutrition facts, and it said there were 21 chips per serving (which I believe is comparable to other veggie chips). I then realized why my bag seemed to empty - most of the chips were just little pieces. Only a few of them were full chips, while the rest were just fragments. Disappointing, but hopefully this was just a glitch in my bag! 

Mahaley's favorites were Beanitos chips, Just Great Stuff's cacao+acai bar, and Plum Kids mashups (shocker).  Bailey's favorites this month were Beanitos chips and Lydia's Beet chips!

Hope you enjoyed our review and you are now drooling and craving each and every snack! If you are we have done out job and you should go order your own here! Don't worry if you try it and you don't like it, there is no commitment! (But we are pretty sure you will be very happy!)

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