Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Etsy Shop of the Week: Cutie Girlie

This week's Etsy shop is one that you will want to bookmark for a special occasion. Cutie Girlie makes the cutest clutches for your bridal party, or a special occasion. You can purchase sets of clutches that will all coordinate, as a thank you to your bridal party, or pick something individual for each girl in your group. 

From silk clutches, to vintage clutches, Cutie Girlie has something for everyone in your group! What a great way to say thank you to your bridal party, celebrate a special occasion, or give a great birthday gift! 

I'm thinking these would be perfect for our next "Bachelorette" weekend....

Prices average about $36 a clutch. Not bad, right? And you can even make your own design! 

Oh and she also has another stores with really cute bags! If you are  not a fan on this style of bag, we can agree to disagree and let you know that there are other styles available!

Her other Etsy shop is Britgal Designs! Some more absolutely adorable bags, made here in the states but inspired by our friends across the pond!

Loving this style so you can really fill it up but it folds up nice and cute!

She adds new items daily and she has plenty of patterns to choose from! Go check it out for yourself!

If you have any favorite Etsy shops, lets us know about them! We can't get enough!

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