Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Just Fab Shoe Review

We are so thrilled to be working with JustFab, to bring you style reviews of their shoes every month. Below are our picks and reviews for June/July.

Mahaley's Picks
The Nicola (black) 

These sandals are the definition of comfort. This month's selection had a super cute pair of wedges, but I persuaded myself to get these sandals, because I knew I could wear them every day and they would go with everything. And, guess what? They do! I am so happy with my choice! 


The Cami (coral)

Can you tell I'm in love?

Seriously, everything you would want in a sandal. Great color, versatile, and super comfortable. I cannot get over Just Fab's shoe selection. They really are great quality, and you cannot beat $39.99 for 2 pairs of shoes a month. And, for as much as I love the pictures of the shoes online, I am always surprised at how much more I love the shoes in person - and you cannot ask for much more than that! 

Bailey's Picks

I was in need of some basic summery wedges to dress up a basic sundress or add some fun to some skinny jeans or shorts! So, I picked the Carmel in Natural!

So I decided to go outside to get a cute picture, however, I forgot about the fact that with zero tan, my legs reflect light and there would be no way to even see the shoes I was wearing! (I also didn't realize my camera man would cut off part of my outfit that I was actually reviewing! haha)

And then Harley insisted on being in the photos! She is a huge JustFab fan! 

Here, Take a closer look! 

They are a bit taller than I would normally order, however they are actually very very comfortable for as tall as they are! I think the ankle strap really helps with the support. 

I also got the Cami in coral for my second pair from Just Fab... 

...but I wasn't home when the fed-ex guy tried to drop them off yesterday. Super sad face :(

Oh well, I will get them today after work!  

What do you think about our picks? What would you have picked?

We will be having another giveaway and this time you will win a pair of shoes from Just Fab! Go take a look at their website and let us know your favorites in the comments below!

To win you just have to Follow us on twitter, Like us on Facebook , and Subscribe to the blog! We will know you want in on the giveaway if you comment with your shoe size and favorite JustFab shoes!

Good Luck!

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