Monday, July 1, 2013

Update Your Kitchen!

So I have been in my house for about a year now, and the only room that has been missing out on the TLC has been the kitchen. I have had plenty of ideas, but nothing really that "spoke to me." Well after I found Society6, and picked out some fun prints, I had a vision and I was ready to go!

here are the prints I ordered from Society6! You can see more about that here!

After looking at the photos, I decided I wanted to make the walls a nice teal color. Matha Stewart to the rescue with  Hummingbird Blue! I only stood in Home Depot for about 30 minutes starting at colors, but I eventually found what I was looking for!

I got up early and started washing walls, dusting baseboards and taping every corner and molding I could find! 

Thanks to my super helpful boyfriend, I had everything I needed to get started! 

I went to town painting the edges or as he likes to call it "cutting in." This part kinda sucked, I just wanted to get going! But soon enough I was able to grab the roller and go to town!

While I was paining my little heart out, this handsome fella did the tricky stuff! I would never make it as a painter, because I get too excited and I go fast and end up getting paint everywhere. He on the other hand doesn't mind and does a much better job. Thank god he was around!

Here is the just finished wall, It felt like it took forever to dry! After everything was painted about the walls had started to dry we got to rip down all the tape! That part is fun!

Well here it is! the finished product! We still haven't done the cabinets, but the main walls are all set and my prints are hung! Now I just need to pick the perfect color for the cabinets!

What do you think? What color should I try for the cabinets? I'm thinking a light peach or a light pink with a nice white touch up to all the trim!

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