Friday, June 7, 2013

Lets go Hiking!

10 Tips for a Successful Hike

I don't care what anyone says, an incline on a treadmill will never be close to actually walking up a hill! And that my friends is why we recommend hiking! You are outside, it is beautiful, there is fresh air, and you get a nice lil burn on your booty! I really enjoy hiking so here are some tips, I'm not a professional hiking expert or anything like that, but so far things have been going good for me, so hopefully these tips will be helpful to someone! 

And remember, just like Buddy the Elf described singing as talking, except longer and louder,  Hiking is just walking, except longer and uphill.

Hiking is even better if you have dogs! There is nothing better than a tired dog, and that's what a hiking will do to them! If they are not lazy dogs (like Miss Harley Quinn is after the first hill) sometimes they might help pull you along!

Here are our top 10 tips for a successful hike! 

1. Go with a friend or a group of friends! Sometimes its nice to just go alone and get lost listening to your iPod, but it is probably not the safest option! Come on girls, the buddy system! Its also a great chance to catch up with friends you haven't seen in a while. Probably one of the only activities that doesn't include shoving your face with dessert and drinks. So it will be good for you!

2. Bring lots of water! Hydration is important and we all know it,  but somehow we end up at the trail saying, "Oh crap, I forgot my water!" Some trails might have a source of water, but most won't. Be prepared and either bring a bottle to carry, a camelback or one of those cool belts that hold like 4 mini bottles of water. I don't know what they are called but I always refer to them as a water fanny pack. If it is  gonna be a longer hike, bring more water! 

3. Don't be a hero, rest if you need to! Some hills can really be tough, you wont be the only stopping at the top to catch your breath! Also, listen to your body, if you are not feeling it, just stop. Also, if you are not used to hiking, maybe start slow and easy, don't climb a full on mountain your first time. Your legs will thank you the next day!

4. Wear sunscreen and bring some sunglasses, maybe even a hat! Protect yourself! Nobody likes a sunburn! See our review of some awesome sunscreen here if you are looking for some new and awesome sunscreen. Also, maybe that hot sun will go away and all of a sudden you are freezing! If the sun is setting or you live in an area where the weather changes every 15 minutes (I'm talking to you upstate New York) bring along a jacket!

5. Shoes! Ok this may seem like a no brainer but I seriously see people all the time in flip flops! Get a pair of sneakers! And maybe it is just because Runyon Canyon is in Hollywood, but I have seen way to many girls hiking in heels??? Like I said, I'm no expert, but I just have this gut feeling that heels probably aren't the best choice.

AGBF Hiking Do Suggestions from REI: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

6. Dress appropriately! This mostly refers to wearing appropriate hiking clothes, you know avoid jeans or dresses (yup seen it). And as a side note, its not really necessary to do your makeup and hair prior to a hike. A simple ponytail will do. Your make up will probably just get ruined too. Basically, don't be that girl. If you are still confused, go on a quick REI shopping spree and and you should be just fine. 

7. Be Prepared! If you are heading to a hike that isn't well manicured like some of the L.A. hikes, bring a map, or a GPS, or at least someone who is familiar with the trail. I've never been lost in the middle of nowhere, but I'd rather not find out what its like. Also, it might be a good idea to find out if there is anything hazardous where you will be hiking. If you find out the area is common place for poison ivy or rattle snakes, it will drastically change the way you navigate. And again, not something I'd like to find out spontaneously!

You can easily find maps and most are available for kindles, or there are apps so you can keep it on your phone, But maybe you really like carrying extra stuff while you hike, I don't know. 

8. If you are going on a serious hike, like full day, extreme, out in the middle of nowhere kinda hike, bring some snacks! Or at least some trail mix or an energy bar! Some energy bars we recommend are 1. GoMarcro Bars,  2. Lara Bar, 3. Thunderbird Energetica Energy Bars (from Healthy Surprise!), and 4. Kind Bars!

9. Geocaching! That is all I will say, sorry Muggles!

10. Don't be a litter bug! Lets all enjoy nature and take care of it too! Oh, and lets not forget to pick up  your sweet doggie's droppings. You don't want to step in my dogs pile and I don't want to step in your dog's. Team work, folks, team work!

Happy hiking!

Ok, get out there, be active and have fun!

It just takes a quick yelp or google search and you will find great hiking areas where ever you live!

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