Monday, June 10, 2013

Jury Duty and Fun? What?

Today's post is all about having fun! No, Jury Duty does not  equal fun. But, it is important to find a way to have fun in every situation you are in! Even if that situation is a weird assembly room where a man in wearing head phones and doing the weirdest dance you have seen since prancercising.

If you are called to jury duty in downtown Los Angeles at the Stanley Mosk courthouse like lucky me, I have the perfect way to lift your spirits!

First, the perfect lunch spot!. Don't expt your $15 juror reimbursement to cover it but its a great escape from that awful assembly room and probably court room!  Plus, you have an hour and a half so enjoy your freedom while you can!

We went to Kendall's, a great French restaurant right across the street from the court house. It's jam packed full of attorneys, judges and whoever all those other court people are, so make a reservation! We were lucky and happened to call in on our way so we got the last table available.

Oh by "we" I'm referring to my two new jury duty buddies. Seriously, make friends with people it makes things much more enjoyable! Plus you will be surprised by how much you can learn from a complete stranger. I have my next vacation completely planned out as a result of my new friends suggestions and vacation photos on her iPad.

I ordered their crab salad and it was delicious! I need to figure out how to make this!

You can check out their complete Lunch menu here!

Right behind the courthouse is the fabulous Grand Park! I had no idea this existed and now I want to go just to hang out here! Seriously, the benches are pink!

How cute is that! What a perfect spot to come and just read for a few hours, or have a picnic! 

Look at the fountain at night! So cool!

Grand Park also has plenty of events to give you a reason to head that way! They have farmers markets, Boot camps, a bookfest, yoga and so much more! Here is their calendar so you can get some more specifics! Oh and did I mention there is going to be a 4th of July block party! 

Oh, one more thing! The court house, park and the restaurant are right next to the Disney Concert Hall.  Make sure you take some time to just go take a peek! If you have more time there are plenty of free concerts and their 2013-2014 schedule looks like something I want to check out! Julie Andrews will be there for a holiday sing along in December!

Even if you are stuck in jury duty, LA is such a great city you will be able to enjoy and explore some things you wouldn't think to see if you weren't already in Downtown.  Even if you don't have to be there, take some time to make a day of it! I think you will really enjoy it!

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