Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer is Here!

Summer is here! That means BBQs, Pool Parties, Beach Days and Hot Weather!

Something we all look forward too and for those of you living out of Southern California, It is also  what you have waited all year for! Today we want to give you some basic tips to keep your summer buddies happy!

Doggy Rule #1:

Our dogs may love going for rides in the car with the wind blowing through their ears, but don't leave them inside when you stop to pick up that delicious iced latte or maybe just quick to run in and grab some ice.  The temperature can climb in just ten minutes! Ten minutes go by pretty quickly, and as much as Starbucks likes to insist on fast service you know if it is summer someone is going to be ordering a frappuccino that slows the whole thing down!

Harley and Coco love going for rides, even if they have to ride in the back, but take a look at how hot it gets on a warm day! Make sure you keep your dogs safe and out of the heat!

Doggie Rule # 2:

It seems simple enough, but make sure they have a lot of water! You can always run to the fridge and grab something to drink but they can't just fill up their water bowl. Make sure you keep an eye on the water, especially if they are playing or laying around outside, they are going to want something to drink and you don't want them to over heat just because you were so focused on your tan or making that perfect summer salad that they go thirsty.

You could always make one of these! Just freeze some toys in a big bowl or bucket! Water and a fun activity at the same time! 

Doggie Rule #3:
Take your walks during the cooler part of the day. When its still in the 90s you don't want to be out walking and your dog probably doesn't either! Wait till the sun is starting to go down and its nice and shady! Your dog will appreciate it! This also leads us right into...

Doggie Rule #3:

Our dogs can't toss on a pair of slippers or flip flops to go for a walk so make sure it isn't too hot for their poor lil feet! Do the hand test! If the pavement burns the back of you hand in 7 seconds or less, its probably gonna burn their feet too. Just think back to all those times where you had to run and jump into the pool because the grown between your beach chair and the water felt like the surface of the sun, or when you took your flip flops off to walk casually though the sand to realize that sand feels like it is on fire! Yeah, don't put your poor puppy through that!

Doggie Rule #4: 

There is a reason on the hottest days of the year everyone flocks to the beach or you head to your friend's house with the big new fancy pool. We all want a way to cool off! Your dog will appreciate cooling off too! Check out local dog beaches or bring your dog to the lake to go swimming for a bit! It is a great way to cool off when sitting in the shade doesn't cut it and you are sick of sitting inside in the AC.

Sometimes just being by the beach is all you need! You don't even need to go inside! But don't forget about the sun! That is why we have rule number 5!

Doggie Rule #5: 

Harley and Coco both have short hair so they don't have to worry about over heating as much as a shaggy sheep dog or golden retriever may. But, they still could get a lil sunburn! If you dog has a lighter colored coat, they probably have more sensitive skin underneath. If they enjoy laying out in the sun, you might want to get some doggie sunscreen! But make sure you avoid sunscreen that have chemicals that could get your dog sick if they lick it off. Some great sunscreen you can use on your dog is good Ol' Kiss my Face because most of them are oat based and natural! Some other options are Aubrey Sun Shade or of course anything made specifically for dogs.

If your dog does have long hair, go ahead, give 'em a hair cut! They just might love it!

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  1. I love this post! It's informative, but also very cute. I'm definitely going to try the "frozen toys" for my 3 dogs.

  2. Thank you so much, Chloe! Let us know how your dogs like them!