Friday, June 14, 2013


Get ready to get excited about Yoga!

I was luck enough to walk by Yogaworks in Hollywood and I am so excited to share this amazing deal with you!

So... here it goes! Yogaworks is a fabulous yoga studio with world renown instructors, multiple class options, showers, towel service and best of all a membership fee!

Why is a membership fee the best... let me explain. One thing that makes taking classes a bit difficult is that each class usually ranges from $16-$30 each. If you want to take a few classes a week, that adds up really quickly! With Yogaworks, you pay a monthly membership fee and you can take as many of their classes as you want! You could literally do yoga all day long and! Do a yoga marathon if you want!

Their moto is that yoga is for everyone and they want to support your personal growth, well-being and fulfillment by offering the highest quality yoga programs for people of all ages and all walks of life!

This isn't your generic yoga class offered at your local gym. Nope, not even close! Here are just a few of the classes we are excited about, but you can check out the full list of classes they offer here.
We are very excited for a bar class! Who doesn't like pretending to be a ballerina and working out at the same time!

I love me some Pilates, so I will be taking that class any chance I get! And... I have been dying to try TRX! I have heard great things and have not had a chance to take a class!

My favorite part..  they are all about keeping it light and believe laughter is the best medicine and one of the keys to a happy, healthy balanced brand of success!  I couldn't agree more!

Here is the REALLY good stuff! If you sign up before July 15th you get a special new member rate! No initiation fee and a set rate of $85 a month for unlimited classes and access to all the great amenities Yogaworks has to offer!

Did I mention they will also have changing rooms with showers, towel service and I'm hearing something about complimentary tea! I am extra excited about the chance to shower and go to work after taking a class! Usually you have to go to a big corporate gym or a really expensive boutique gym for that! I'm also pretty pumped about tea!

If you sign up please let them know we sent you!

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