Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Who the heck writes this blog anyway?

We were in the car the other day, and we realized we had a "Meet Harley and Coco" post, but not a "meet Bailey and Mahaley" post. That shows you where our priorities are. Well, just in case you were losing sleep over who could possibly be sending out all those A Girl's Best Friends Post... your sleepless nights are over! We are here to introduce ourselves! 

About Us:
We met in a Pilates class, of all places, and had a mutual friend who suggested we go riding together. We soon realized that horses were not the only thing we had in common.

About Bailey:
Bailey grew up in a teeny tiny town in upstate NewYork called Kendall. She played soccer in high-school, tried to dance a few years but wasn't really coordinated enough, and spent most of her extra curricular time with her horses or just hanging out with friends, listening to country music. (What else are kids in the middle of nowhere supposed to do?)

She went to College at SUNY Cortland to study Speech Language and Hearing Sciences because, her best friend Jenna thought she would be good at it. Turned out, Jenna was on the right and Bailey loved it!
(Jenna is a girl and much prettier than you might assume based on her stick figure version)

The only problem was that as Bailey completed her undergraduate program she quickly realized how much she hated the snow and cold weather! She could not understand how she had lived 21 years of her life in this place!

Even before she graduated she knew she wanted to go to California where it was sunny and beautiful all year long (nobody told her about Rainy February and June Gloom, but life is a compromise). So she  made plans with Aaron to get out of there!

After a few garage sales and double shifts waitressing and working at a local school, she and the handsome prince in this story (Aaron) packed up her trusty steed ( the same Honda Civic she is driving today) with everything they owned (except shoes, she shipped two boxes of shoes to Cali) and drove off across the country!

She started working and then kept working while going to CSULA to get her Masters in Communication Disorders to be a real life Speech Pathologist!  It was a lot of work and a lot of studying, and she wasn't a super fun person to be around because her life was basically working and studying. (ok, you get the point!)

But when all that school junk was over things got much better! She loved working so much, but decided that since she had spent her entire life in some form of school, she needed to have more fun! So, she brought her horse out,  got a dog, started doing improv, hiking, reading fun book (No more text books!), going on trips, staying up past 9:00pm and meeting fabulous people!

One of the many fabulous people she met was Mahaley! After realizing that they were destined to be friends, they started to hang out all the time! Then while celebrating a fake bachelorette weekend, while at a mexican bar, over chips, salsa and some margaritas that they would start a blog!

So they did, and that pretty much brings you up to date!

p.s. Good thing my best friend didn't tell me to go to art school! Am I right!?!?!

About Mahaley:

For starters, I can't draw to save my life, so don't expect any cute drawings for my portion. A little bit about me:

  • I have a seven-year-old boxer, Coco, who is the absolute love of my life 
  • I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for 
  • There isn't a reality show I haven't watched 
  • Courtesy of my Aussie friend, Phoebe, my favorite phrase is "gong show" 
  • Massages are everything
  • I am a firm believer in holistic nutrition and medicine 
  • Michael Shannon is my hero 
  • My favorite food is a tomato with a dash of salt 
  • One of my best friends has a son, Atticus, who is the second love of my life 
  • Thanks to Atticus, I have seen the movie "Cars" over 100 times. 
  • My parents are the two greatest people in this world
  • I graduated with honors from UCLA two years ago 
  • The only two shows I watch that are not reality are The Killing and Homeland 
  • I hate anything sci-fi or supernatural 
  • I cannot sleep when it rains (thank God I live in LA) 
  • I saw Titanic over 10 times in the theater 
  • "I can tap dance, wanna see me tap dance?" is my favorite quote from a movie 
  • I'll remain a Lakers fan through their hardship
  • I could spend every night on my couch, with my little family, doing a puzzle. 
  • I love to cook
  • I can't wait to live in another country one day 
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with big cats, and am pretty convinced I will have a lion one day
  • My favorite song is "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley
  • I wanted to be Marissa Cooper when I was a teenager
  • I'm such a rebel that I watched Dawson's Creek when my parents told me not to 
  • I was pretty certain that I had superpowers like Matilda when I was a child

Ok, now you know all about us! Tell us a lil something about you! Do we have anything in common? Anything you are surprised about?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. Bailey your artistry is beautiful especially since you had to clarify that the picture of me was a girl!!! Can't wait to come visit and meet Mahaley (and Harley). Love this and you (and soon to love Mahaley and Harley)!

  2. Thanks Jenna! I have fat fingers, what do you want from me!?!?