Tuesday, June 4, 2013

WiHo Laser

Mahaley and I both have been going to Wi-Ho laser in Sherman Oaks and wanted to share this fabulous place with you!

We have been going to Wi-Ho for laser hair removal and love it. I had been to two different places before I found Wi-Ho and I don't know why those other places are event allowed to be open! Wi-Ho has friendly helpful staff, new top of the line equipment. Their nurses are very helpful and give good advice. Like, did you know that laser over areas that hair has stopped growing could actually promote hair growth.

This fancy machine is where the magic comes from! They use the laser combined with a really ridiculously cold air the almost numbs the skin so you don't feel a thing. It is actually called the Dynamic Cooling Device, but its basically ridiculously cold air. They also have two separate lasers depending on your skin type. Makes sense not to use the same laser on someone who has naturally olive or darker skin as you would on my light almost transparent skin.

The last time I was at Wi-Ho I took a look at their skin products. Haven't had a chance to try them out but I'd love to give it a try!

If you are driving down Ventura and see this place, stop on in and check out their specials. Every time I am there they have lots of special offers!

They also have more than just laser hair removal. If you check out their website here you can take a look at all the services they offer.

AND... It is your lucky day!
WiHo Laser is offering 50% off laser hair removal or skin rejuvenation to members! Join now and save 50% on a session! How great is that! This deal ends July 31st so don't wait too long! Click here for more info!

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