Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Healthy Surprise Box 2

Healthy Surprise Box #2

We were so excited to get our Healthy Surprise box this month! This box is seriously amazing! Anyone who has a bad habit of snacking on not so healthy things, this is the best and most convenient thing that could happen to you! You have a whole box of healthy and super delicious treats ready to go! No need to stop at the 7eleven or swing by a fast food restaurant! You already have some healthy stuff waiting for you!
Take a look at what we got this time!

Beanfields Bean and Rice Chips are the Doritos we never knew we wanted! These are are great! We are on the hunt to check out their other flavors! Pretty sure Whole Foods will be helpful in this search! We are dying to try the sea salt and the salt and pepper flavors!

What? Delicious isn't enough for you? Ok here are some more reasons to try Benefields Chips!
1. 30% less fat and one third less sodium than most corn tortilla chips.
2.Lots of fiber: 4 grams in every serving! The fiber also helps you feel fuller longer.
3. Allergen Free
4.Complete Protein: 4 grams in every serving, as much as a 4 oz. glass of milk
5. Guaranteed NON GMO
Learn more about Benefields chips and try all the amazing flavors!

OLOMOMO? What is that! Only the coolest, nuttiest nut company around! According to the Olomomo's website, Olomomo, (pronounced “o-lo-MO-mo”) means "Momo's world" and refers to the nutty adventures of "Momo" the monkey. (Who doesn't love monkeys!)

The nuts in our box were the Mango Chipotle Zinger. Unfortunately, neither of us are huge chipotle fans, but we had a taste tester who verified that they were great! So that being said, after taking a look at their website, we realized that literally every other flavor of nuts they have sound amazing!

We got excited and didnt read the package and thought these were cinnamon... nope. Not cinnamon! But, we are holding out for the Chai Bliss Almonds,  CherryVanilla Dream Almonds! Not sure yet where to find them locally, but we are looking!

Oh Happy Day! More Happy Hemp!!! I was so excited to see another bag! 

This time I sprinkled some on a pizza, then I added some to mixed veggies and tempeh! So yummy!

We both love Kale chips, and we have had some from Whole Foods and we have made some at home. But we have never had any that are pizza flavored! Seriously Pizza flavored!!!

These were so good!  Not only was the taste fantastic but they were good hardy pieces of kale. Hardly any crumbs!

The only bad news we have about these amazing snacks... we couldn't find them anywhere! No website makes it hard to order some and harder to find what other flavors they have! We contacted Healthy Surprise, and unfortunately California Snax does not have a website at the moment - but here's hoping for one soon! 

Gopal's is a health food website where you can find Rawma Bars and just about any other raw organic treat your heart desires! Before I (Bailey) go crazy with the website, Let me tell you that I was so hungry after work one day, that when I found the Rawma Bar in purse,  you would have thought I found a hundred dollars!  It only gets better! I LOVED it, and it filled me right up!

Ok now, lets get to the website! There are bars, wraps, brownies, seasoning, Almond chips (They look amazing and I need some now!), Cookies (I'll take some of those now too please!), and Butter! There is so much there it may need a whole separate post! But check it out, I think you will be quite impressed. 

These little delights were created in Denmark, but are now made in the United States. They are certified organic, gluten free, Non-GMO, Kosher, and vegan! Oh and they all have under 75 calories!  

Try these flavors and  take a look at the dark chocolate mint! Check out the Kur website here! We are hoping we can find some locally! 

I had forgotten about this Dates Walnuts Bar, but when I was late for work one morning I grabbed it to eat on the way to work! It was so good and so filling! I loved it!

It is an Oskri Bar, Oskri is a company that makes natural foods in Wisconsin. They have bars, dried fruit, nuts, granolas, spices, cooking oils, and probably more! 

This bar was really good, so I think I want to try to get some more of their stuff! Oh and they are powered by renewable wind energy, that is pretty darn cool!

I think we've learned that I love anything in a kids pouch. But Smooch's Fruit Snacks are definitely worth loving. The fruit snacks only have six ingredients, and are GF and vegan. There are three different flavors, which each have three fruit blends, and every flavor has Chia and Acerola. 

Healthy Surprise gave us the strawberry/blueberry/banana flavor, which was delicious, and they also have pineapple/mango/banana and apple/raspberry/peach (which will be next on my list). AND, with every purchase of one of their fruit snacks, they donate money to charity. 

Next on my list were Matt's Munchies. OBSESSED. It is literally a healthy fruit roll-up or fruit by the foot (except way better). The mango acai flavor was delicious, and you get a ton of fruit pieces for only 40 calories. They were so flavorful, and definitely the best fruit chews I have ever had. 

The best part? Look how many freaking flavors these come in. 

And now for the depressing part of this blog post. A few days ago my car died, and I was stranded for several hours in the 100 degree desert sun. I was three hours outside of LA, and my car had to be towed home. In the process of it all, I had a bag of snacks for my road trip, two of which were from the Healthy Surprise box, and they were both soiled from the heat. 

I was reallllly looking forward to eating my Sea Snax and Macrolife Natural's Miracle Reds. I'm sure they were both delicious and I hope to try them in the future. Each company has an array of awesome looking products. 

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