Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Food Matters

For the last few years, I have been extremely interested in holistic nutrition and nutritional medicine. So much so, that I am now studying to be a certified holistic nutritionist. I am often asked by friends and family if this type of food is "good" or this type of food is "bad," what are good plant proteins, is meat bad for you, etc.. I love helping others figure out what foods work best for them, and seeing them improve their overall health through the food they eat.

Not everyone can afford a holistic nutritionist or the thousands of books that are out there to educate themselves on a proper diet. The great thing about 2013 is that almost everything you could ever want to know is accessible now on the internet, and at little or no cost. Netflix has hundreds of documentaries geared towards educating its viewers on various topics, and there is no shortage of food related documentaries. 

One of my favorite's is Food Matters. I highly recommend you watching the documentary for yourself, but below are some of my top takeaways from the film:

1. Have you ever noticed that when you go to the doctor with a specific problem, you are rarely asked "what are you eating?" Well, that's because less than 6% of graduating physicians in the US receive any formal training in nutrition. 

2. Your diet should be at least 51% raw. Anything less than this, and the body will react to the food as if it were a toxin, and release white blood cells. 

3. "Superfoods" have the ability to prevent many of the illnesses we suffer from today. (ex: raw honey, goji berries, wheat grass, acai, ginger)

4. In the medical field, "survival" rates have been redefined - "survival" now means having lived only 5 years after initial treatment. 

5. In most countries, it is illegal to treat cancer patients with nutritional therapy. 

6. Plant based, high fiber diets have allowed cardiovascular-diseased patients to arrest or even reverse the disease as little as one year. 

I'll stop bombarding you with facts...the point of this post is to get you thinking about what you eat and how it affects your body. Watch Food Matters, or any other type of food-related educational documentary. What do you have to lose besides an hour of your time? 

Check out their website for more information, recipes, tips, and books! 

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