Monday, June 17, 2013

Will Rogers Polo Club

If you are looking for something fun and free to do in LA, get ready!

I recently went to the Will Rogers Polo Club for a fabulous Sunday cheese, fruit, and mimosa picnic!

The Menu:

Pretty simple, everyone brought some tasty cheese, crackers, fruit veggies and of course mimosas. 

Because it is a state park, you might want to pre-make the mimosas. The mini orange juice bottles are perfect! No cup required and it just looks like a bottle of orange juice!

The Outfit:

You will most likely be sitting up on a beautiful grass knoll watching the game. What a perfect excuse to get out your floppy hat, big sunglasses and lots of sunscreen!

Also, because who doesn't want to live out a scene from Pretty Woman, get dressed up! Make a day out of it! You will have a blast!

The Entertainment:

Ok, now that the game has started, what do you do. Mostly likely, your high school did not have a polo team and you didn't grow up going to watch polo every weekend as a kid. If you did, I'm jealous! Well just so you know how it works, here is a hand link to help you out!

Even if you don't really know what is going on, it is so exciting! As the horses run past you the ground shakes and you can't help but get excited! 

It is pretty exciting when they score too. Mostly because the announcer is awesome! He really helps you get into it! Eventually you will start to notice who is really good on the team and you can cheer for them. 

At the game we were watching there was a girl named Pam who was pretty freaking amazing! Way to represent girl! She was great and even used her horse really well defensively to block other horses and I kinda wanted to be her!

But not at that very moment because I was still enjoying my mimosa and having the time of my life!

Now, you may not know who Will Rogers is... and thats ok, you can read about him here! All I think you need to know is that the only reason the polo club exists here is because when he gave his land to the State of California, he said the only stipulation was that the polo club must remain active! Take some time to read about him! Talk about a guy I wish I could have met!  

And just because I think it is awesome, checkout these old photos from the polo club!

I absolutely love them! There are more on the website you should check out! There are also plenty in color too from more recent games! 

They are way better than the photos I took with my iPhone! But you still get the idea!

During intermission or halftime, get off your booty and go stomp those divots!

It is really very fun! Take a walk around and look for divots to stomp back into the grass! It's not often you get to be a part of the game so get out there and enjoy the tradition!

Watch out for manure! Sometimes old manure can look like a clump of dirt, it's not.

When you are all done stomping the divots get back to your seats and get ready for some more fun! It is really very impressive to watch! I am now determined to try it! I will be contacting the polo club to find out about lessons, because umm how fun would that be!

If you are in the area and looking for something fun to do, check our the schedule and find a time to stop on by! There is a parking lot you  have to pay for, but we just parked down the hill a bit and walked, so the whole thing was completely free!

If you have a chance be sure to head over to the Will Rogers State Park! Even if it isn't for Polo, it is absolutely beautiful and great for hiking and exploring!

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