Monday, June 24, 2013


Do you have a bunch of random knowledge about songs from the 80's, famous celebrity birthdays, oscar nominated actresses, all elements on the periodic table, or maybe random sports knowledge? If you have any of this background knowledge, or none of it, King Trivia is for you!

It is so easy and so fun! All you have to do is find a location that is hosting, grab a group of friends (a wide knowledge base is best! Don't invite everyone from you yoga class, mix it up a bit! Be sure to grab some  guys for that special part of their brain that is designated for sports and only sports).

When you get to the bar go find the quiz master and grab some answer sheets! You don't have to register or be part of King Trivia, but if you are you can compete for the Tournament of Champions! Also, if you become a regular make sure you like them of Facebook. Each day there is a Facebook questions posted. Even if you are horrible at trivia you are guaranteed one right answer!

If you need to find a place near you to play, check out the list of venues that host King Trivia! There is something almost every night of the week! You can go anywhere, I recommend smaller places because there tends to be less cheating, but even in small places there are sneaky teams who for whatever reason  suck at being good people. But don't worry about them, you will have a blast and an excuse to get together with your friends every week!

I go to Pineapple Hill every Tuesday night to get my trivia on! I love the quizmaster there and for the most part all the teams are great! 

Also, the bartenders and the waitstaff are excellent! Can't complain about the food either! Even if you don't go for trivia, its a great hidden treasure in Los Angeles! Oh and did I mention that there is free popcorn! Like the best free popcorn around! If you go for anything, go for the popcorn!

Like, I said before there are plenty of options for locations, we actually just went to Barney's Beanery in Burbank to try to secure a spot in the Tournament of Champions! This season of trivia just ended so we are waiting to find out if we made it! A new season should  be starting up in August/September so keep your eye out! 

If you want to see where we end up check out the Rankings here! Top 70 teams get to compete!! Team Brain Sharts all the way! 

Also, if this sounds awesome to you but you don't want to rack your brain, you could always be a quiz master! Do any of you go to a trivia/quiz night?!? I love hearing the names people come up with! If you have a great trivia name, comment below!

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