Friday, June 21, 2013

The Graffiti Run

If you haven't done a Graffiti Run yet, go here and sign up! We had heard it was a lot of fun, but it was so early, we were skeptical how just running through some paint would be fun. But boy oh boy is it amazing!

It's a pretty simple concept, you start running and throughout the course there are color stations where people blast you with powdered paint! (Keep your mouth closed!) When the actual race is over there are booths with freebies and  food! We even signed up for a different run while we were there and got a discount!

The group before and after :)

Ladies before and after! They give you color run sunglasses, I recommend wearing them! 

Right after the race, we wanted some more color! Little did we know this was still just the beginning!

It just got progressively more colorful! We had so much fun! After we finished the race we participated in the color throw... where BUCKETS of paint were brought in and everyone just threw it around. it was pretty great!  Sign up, its fun and its good exercise! 

Team Grilled Cheese!

Have you done a run like this? I loved it! Also, if you have suggestions for other fun runs please share! 

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