Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Anthropology Wish List

We both have a serious love hate relationship with Anthropology! The love part is pretty much about how we love every single item they have ever had in the history of their website and would give up chocolate to have a closet full of their clothes and a home completely designed by them!

The hate part comes in when we realize that we can't quite afford each and every item. So what do we do, we pretend! It may be a bit of self torture but it is pretty fun to just throw and outfit together  and not even look at the price tag! (When pretending no longer works, we hit the sale rack, or make poor financial decisions)

Bailey's pick....Earrings, Shoes, Dress

Mahaley's pick....Earrings, Shoes, Dress, Bag

We might need to put Anthropology gift cards on every single holiday or birthday wish list for the  rest of time! We will also be scoping out any sale that comes our way and we will be sure to send it along to you!

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