Thursday, October 31, 2013

Gluten Free Expo Review

So we are back from the expo and we had such an amazing time. You probably noticed we were excited about it, and for good reason! There was more fun, food, and amazing people than we could have imagined.

While we were there we were lucky enough to meet some of our old favorite brands, plus we were introduced to quite a few new brands. 

As far as brands we knew of go, it was awesome to check out some of their new products that are about to come out. 

Bob's Red Mill has something new coming your way.

Bailey has a pretty great GF pie crust recipe, but that doesn't mean a handy and delicious Bob's Red Mill pie crust isn't appreciated!

The wonderful people at Bob's Red Mill were sweet enough to share some with us to use in an upcoming video! We are so excited to make this! 

We also discovered a new bread. Not just sandwich bread, but all types of bread! Hoagies, hotdog and hamburger buns, baguettes and more. Local Oven, you are the best. 

Not only were all of these gluten free, but you could not tell. At all, seriously, you can't tell, its amazing!

It was so much more than food! We were able to try out some of the gluten free makeup from Red Apple Lipstick! The Red Apple Lipstick was so great, we can not wait to get some more!

We also got to meet some pretty amazing people while we were there! 
Everyone at Holy Crap was amazing! 

Carol from Simply Gluten Free Magazine.

We got to meet Kathy Smart while we were there!

And a GF Beauty queen :)

We also got to meet Erica of Celiac and the Beast! 

It's pretty cool finally meeting people you have been tweeting and obsessively liking their Instagram photos!

Here's a highlight reel of our favorite finds. 

We will be talking about a lot of them individually over the next few weeks. There is just so much to say about so many of these great companies!

We hope to bring you guys some really interesting and cool finds over the next few weeks. It's really amazing how many up and coming products there are in the gluten free market. We feel very lucky that we got to experience some first hand last weekend. 

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