Friday, October 4, 2013

The Cravings Place

We think part of being healthy is being happy! One thing that makes us happy... Treats!

I often find that those who are Gluten-Free or Vegan have a hard time finding ways to indulge. Most restaurants, especially outside of LA and NY, do not cater to individuals with allergens or food restrictions. You either have to skip the dessert, or drive to some restaurant an hour away just to treat yourself. 

My solution? Treat myself at home. 

It might not sound as fun, or like a lot of work, but when you have companies like The Cravings Place, you get all the taste and indulgence, without the hassle of making something from scratch. 

Thanks to Pam Mac D's Gluten Free Market in Burbank, I get to drive down the street and have ample options at my disposal. This place is unbelievable, and a MUST VISIT if you have any food allergens or restrictions. Everything in their store is GF, and most items are vegan. 

This was my pick from The Cravings Place, the delicious brownie mix. They were gone from my house in about two days. 

The Cravings Place offers something for everyone, and I am dying to try some of their other products. 

Their products are also on Amazon, and average to be around $5 per package. 

Have you tried it yet? What is your favorite?

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