Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Leeza was one of Bailey's first friends in LA! Since meeting they have worked together, partied together and even made jewelry and scarves together. Bailey may have stopped making jewelry, but Leeza's scarves are still going strong! Take a look at some pieces from her fall collection! It is never to early to start that Holiday shopping!

Take a look at Leeza's guest post!

Several years ago, I embarked on a journey of making beautiful scarves for friends and family - and Enzaly Couture was born in Los Angeles. Enzaly Couture offers a unique variety of styles such as: short, neck tie, head scarf, around the waist or shoulder, tied on a purse and sarongs. Most of the styles are limited and some are one-of-a-kind. The unique scarves can be worn from casual settings to elegant evenings out. I enjoy selecting only the highest quality fabrics availabe. Most of the products are 100% Silk and I am confident the scarves, shawls, and other unique gifts for women will give you the look and style you are looking for. They are eclectic, unique prints and exotic colors that are timeless and equally as versatile. Whether your style is bohemian, classic, casual, or business, Enzaly is here to accommodate your every day scarf needs.

Loop it once, twice and go !  Scarves are probably one of the best accessories. They 
can carry over any season and any trend. 

They are an easy way to dress something up, or add some color to your wardrobe

There are so many colors and patterns to choose from! Take a look at some of the patterns available.

There are also many different way you can wear a scarf, it isn't about a quick wrap around the neck anymore, you have so many more options.

Take a look at some of the fun ways you can use the scarves! Put them in your hair, make a necklace, a shawl or a bag!

You can always just go the traditional way too and tie it around your neck, that will never go out of style!

Take into consideration what you are wearing it with. Jeans? Well, it's simple then. Scarves look good with long sleeve shirts, short sleeve t-shirts and jeans. Pair either one of them with skinny jeans and wallah! 

This month at the Etsy shop in honor of breast cancer awareness month you can pick up a pink or black ribbon scarf. Great gifts and great ways to show your support.

More fall styles will be coming to the website and etsy shop! 
Thanks for checking out Enzaly! ~Leeza

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