Monday, October 7, 2013


Somehow I got super lucky and managed to get tickets to watch the finale of Breaking Bar at Cinespia!

If you are not familiar with Cinespia, you basically watch movies at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, with a whole bunch of people. During the summer they screen movies every Saturday night. They are usually older movies that you have never seen or haven't seen in years! 

Its like a big picnic slash drive in movie (without the car). You can bring food, drinks, blankets and low chairs. Its great for a date night or for a big group get together.

Well, Aaron Paul had the brilliant idea to screen the finale there and fortunately for the fans the people at Cinespia thought it was brilliant too! Just to show you how brilliant it was, the tickets sold out in 32 seconds! How crazy is that?!?

Normally when you go see a movie at Cinespia its about $12, but for this screening they were $45. This time, it was for a good cause. Aaron Paul's wife, Lauren (who happens to be the most adorable human on the planet and I kinda want to be best friends with her) is the co-founder of the Kind Campaign, so it only makes sense that the money go there.

The Kind Campaign works to bring awareness and support to stop girl against girl 'crime' as they call it. Basically, they are trying to stop all that meanness and cattiness, competition and unnecessary hate that goes on between girls. Us girls can be mean! Especially in high school, but the KIND campaign is working to stop that! They put together  a documentary about it too, Finding Kind.

The Breaking Bad finale raised about 2 million dollars for the KIND campaign! (I'm pretty sure thats what they said) Not only were we enjoying a fantastic show, but we were giving back at the same time!

Ok, now that you know about the KIND campaign and hopefully go check it out, because it really seems like a great foundation, we can get back to the show! 

Normally when you go to see a movie at Cinespia you don't have to wait too long. However we got there at 4:30 for doors opening at 6:30. We were still way, way, way far away! 

We got comfy and made a few friends while waiting. Got some blue meth to much on! When is the last time you had rock candy, by the way? It is delicious! 

While waiting, we were following Aaron Paul on twitter and he was dropping tickets off all over Hollywood. At one point he drove right by us yelling, of course, "Yeah Bitch!" and thanking everyone for coming.  

When we finally got inside it was already dark and we missed the photos in front of the RV. That was a major bummer, but we were so excited to have a decent view and some room to stretch out legs. 

Before they got started the RV pulled up with Aaron Paul, Lauren and her partner Molly Thomson who introduced the KIND Campaign and again thanked everyone. 

We first go to watch the Pilot episode which, I had not seen in forever so it was pretty cool to watch in with a cemetery of fans. 

When that was over the cast came out and talked to us for a little bit and it was pretty cool to see how much the cast truly adores each other! It was like getting a little peak into their actual dynamic off camera and they all seemed like the most genuine and kind people. They were super happy to be there and didn't seem to be putting on a show for us, just enjoying the moment. I thought that was pretty great. 

Just in case some of you have not seen the finale and are still catching up, I wont give away any spoilers. That would just be rude! But I will tell you it was absolutely amazing and everything you would want from the conclusion of that show! Plus it was pretty cool to watch it with a whole crowd of fans that reacted to scenes as one. It was almost the excitement of watching a football game and everyone cheering and gasping at the same time you do. 

(We only had one narrator behind us who just had to make a comment about every scene. She was really excited, so we will forgive her.)

When all was said and done, they whole cast came back out to do a question and answer session with Jimmy Kimmel. Again, the cast was pretty awesome. They seemed like great people who love what they do and super generous to share something like this with fans.

Overall it was a great experience and Aaron Paul, might be one of my new favorites. Not just because he is an awesome actor, but he seems like a great person that really appreciates how lucky he is. Plus he seems way cool, and so does Bryan Cranston. I mean, they like puppies, soooo.

The Cinespia season is over for this year, but keep your eyes open for when they start screenings back up next summer! Maybe they will hold more finale or season premier viewings, this one sure was a hit!

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