Friday, November 1, 2013

OMG Blend Winner!

Ok Helen Mirren, help a sister out! Drum roll please........

The winner of the 3 day OMG Blense is....


Just in case you missed it, you can check out Bailey's review of the cleanse here. (Lets hope Catherine doesn't have a weird banana-phobia like cray cray Bailey!)

Even if you didn't win, you should still totally give it a try! We have some suggestions for a successful cleanse.

5 Happy Cleanser Tips

1. Pick a cleanse buddy to do it with. Regardless of how good or bad any cleanse is, its great to have some support. Maybe it is just to share how much you like it, someone who is not experiencing it it probably gonna look at you like you are crazy if you are raving about how great "not eating real food is" (poor poor souls, just don't get it). It is also great for when you are having a weak moment and want nothing more but a big pizza all to yourself. Plus there is peer pressure. You can't let them win and finish while you give up! Throw in some healthy competition, and have a buddy, it makes it much more fun and a little bit easier!

2. Prepare yourself for this. Don't go cold turkey! We are guessing that most people who can't handle a cleanse and give up before experiencing the benefits were not ready to start. Having pizza, tater-tots and a few beers the night  before a cleanse... probably not setting yourself up for success. Most cleanses provide suggestions for how to prepare. Maybe it is eat only veggies, or  maybe just raw foods, maybe it is as simple as eating vegetarian for a few days before you begin. Whatever it is they suggest, they probably know what they are talking about, so listen.

3. Do yourself a favor and plan your cleanse at a good time. If you have a birthday party on Sunday, you probably don't want to start it Saturday.  Think about what you have going on and plan for it. This will also help get you excited for it! If this is your first cleanse and you are doubting yourself, make this your 3 day Super Bowl. Just don't watch the commercials, they might subliminally message you to eat at Applebee's.

4. Plan your grocery shopping around your cleanse. If you don't live alone this will be more of a challenge, but if you have already planned your cleanse, don't buy any more food. The last think you will want when you wake up on day two is to decide if you want to stick to the cleanse or eat those cookies or cinnamon rolls for breakfast. We are all weak and pathetic when it comes to sugary treats, just eliminate the temptation.

5. Don't binge eat as soon as you wake up cleanse free. Most likely if you made it that far you will feel pretty great and won't want to. But, old habits die hard. Most likely you will order something big then realize you only want to eat a little  bit of it. But there is also the chance that you won't listen to your body, eat a big bowl of chili and immediately regret it after the damage has been done. Don't be that guy, its no fun. Remember you started a cleanse for a reason, it probably wasn't just because you were bored and too lazy to cook for a few days. You most likely wanted to make a change or have a fresh start. Stick with it!

Ok, now, go check out what you get with an OMG Blense!

Congrats Catherine, We hope you enjoy! Be sure to email us so we can hook you up!

We have one more word of advice before you start your cleanse! Avoid Pinterest! There will be so many amazing cookies, pies, 5 tiered cakes, cake pops that look like your favorite TV characters, salads pastas, pizza, even the tricks to get toddlers to eat their veggies will make you salivate, just don't do it. Its for your own good!

If you didn't win, let us know what type of giveaway you would like to see in the future so you can try again!

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