Tuesday, October 1, 2013

GFAF EXPO Excitement!

We keep getting more and more excited about going to the GFAF Expo!

It seems like we are finding out about new and fabulous brands and being reminded of some of our old favorites!

Today we are going to talk about 5 brands we are hoping have lots of free samples and 5 brands we want to share out love for in person! This was not at all easy! There are way more in each category, but today marks the beginning of our GFAF Expo month, so we will have plenty of time to get excited about the rest! And don't forget to enter to win two free tickets so we can get our Gluten Free on together!

We can't wait to say hello to...

Bob's Red Mill

Oh, hey Bob! We kinda love you! Be our grandpa?
Have you seen any of our videos, Bob's Red Mill products are probably 90% of the flours and GF substitutes we use!

Umm, have you had their ice-cream?
Almond Dream Bites. Enough said.

Bailey snagged some of this from an airport and was instantly hooked! They are so tasty! A great healthy treat. We are pretty excited to try their other flavors! Maybe we can get some samples to send to you guys!

Say goodbye to your sweet cravings, they have met their match! Bailey once tried to eat a whole Chocolate Raw Almond Butter Tart by herself. It was so rich and delicious she could only eat half. So she kept it a secret and ate the rest for breakfast the next morning.

Ancient Harvest Quinoa

Quinoa, Quinoa flakes, Quinoa Pasta. Yes all of the above and more. Seriously, please give us more!

We cant wait to meet and try...

Spoiled Naturally

Pineapple Strawberry perfume! Yum! 

Gluten Free Body Butter with great scent options! 
Ok, we thought this whole expo was going to be about food. We sure do love food, but gluten free beauty and spa products. Thats is an extra special bonus! Looks like we will be bringing back some body butters and maybe a new perfume!


Cookies, cinnamon rolls, and muffins Oh My! All of the Sevierly Good products look amazing! Keep your fingers crossed for cinnamon rolls!

Smart Flour

Umm, can't even remember the last time we had a Hoagie! This looks amazing!

Gluten Free make up!?!? What, yes please! We are dying to try some of the Red Apple products. So excited to try some of the lip stick, gloss and eye shadow! 

Holy Crap Cereal
Yum! We are pretty excited to try this and take some home with us so we can create a fabulous recipe with some of it!

Not only is Holy Crap Cereal the reason we get to go to the GFAF Expo, but we hear their stuff is pretty amazing! We are so ready to give it a try!

We are also excited to meet Erica of Celiac and the BeastFingers crossed she has her book with her, we just might need to snag one of those, you know, maybe we might try to get one. 

(We will budge you in line to get one, sorry in advance!)

Oh and Woodchuck Hard Cider will be there! 

Their Pear Cider is Bailey's go to drink of choice! Will there be a GF Happy Hour!?!?  

(: Pretty Please :)

All you need to do to enter for the two free tickets is leave a comment on the blog and then go like or follow the GFAF Expo on Facebook or Twitter! We hope to see you there!

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