Friday, October 11, 2013

Run For Your Lives

I recently participated in my second Zombie 5K obstacle course! If you are a fan of zombies, zombie movies,  zombie tv shows, or if you are preparing for the zombie apocalypse then you must sign up for this race!

The Run For Your Lives race is held all over the country and it is pure fun! 
Check out the states that have already been infected!

I actually did it for the first time last year and it started my interest in running. It makes running fun and it makes you want to push yourself! Plus your adrenalin is going the whole time (because the zombies are chasing you!) so you don't really even realize what you are making your body do!

The course is always a little bit different, depending on where it is. But it is always awesome and sure to throw you for a loop or two. You are sure to see at least a few mud pits, barbed wire, something big to climb over, gross and dirty to crawl through, smoke rooms with dangling electrical cords and zombies, lots and lots of zombies!

They don't mess around either they give their zombies the full treatment! They have their make-up done and their close tattered and torn. Then when you would normally think, yeah cool looks great, they throw buckets of "blood" onto the zombies to make them look even better!
This is the blood splashing tarp! The grown all around it was COVERED in fake blood!

When you sign up you have the option to be a zombie, a runner or both!

So, here is how this works. If you are running. You are given a flag-football type belt with 3 flags. Guard these flags with your life! Seriously, this is how you survive! The zombies will not be biting you and eating your brains, they will instead be trying to snag your flags any chance they get! 

The zombies are everywhere! Some are slow zombies that you can easily get away from, but others are fast and determined to get your flags! I'm telling you you will be busting out spins and turns you didn't know existed to get away from them and save your flags! 

When you get to the end of the course you take a look and see if you have any flags left. No flags means you have been infected! If you managed to get through with a flag or two you have survived! Either way its super fun and you still get a metal and a free beer!
There was a water pit at the end of this race so we ended up looking much cleaner than we actually were! 

After the race and you "clean" off in whatever cleaning source is provided (the first year we cleaned off in a lake!) then its time to enjoy the Apocalypse party!

Once you get "clean" you can enjoy your free beer, music, games and just watching the survivors and infected complete the race. There are also zombies, just walking around, having a beer, enjoying being undead.

I celebrated surviving with a snow cone because they didn't have gluten free beer or cider. Maybe next year!

Another great thing about the race is after you get your shoes all muddy and gross, you can donate them to Project Sole!

Project sole takes the old sneakers, gets then fresh and new, then gives them to those less fortunate or recycling them to keep that carbon footprint in check!

I highly recommend signing up for this if it is in your area! You will have an absolute blast! Get a team together and get clever with your costumes! You can run in pretty much anything. Keep it simple or get creative! It is always fun to see how groups dressed up. Also, if you are going to be a zombie its always fun to see a clever zombie costume! 

 Here is a video a friend made at last years race! Look carefully and you will see me :)

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